Friday, March 01, 2013

The DVD Collection (95% Complete)
You need BALLS to get through some of these!

1926: Metropolis (Not Restored; Original)
1932: Freaks
1949: The Third Man (Criterion Collection 2-Disc Special Edition)
1960: Psycho
1961: Cape Fear
1962: Carnival of Souls (Criterion Collection; 2-Disc Special Edition
1967: Planet of the Apes
1967: The Graduate
1970: House of Dark Shadows
1970: The Forbidden Photos of a Lady Above Suspicion (Giallo)
1970: THX 1138 (The George Lucas Director’s Cut)
1971: Clockwork Orange
1971: Night of Dark Shadows
1972: Deliverance
1972: Fellini’s ROMA
1972: The Poseidon Adventure
1973: Soylent Green
1973: The Exorcist (The Extended Director’s Cut)
1973: The Exorcist (The Version You’ve Never Seen)
1973: The Holy Mountain
1973: The Legend of Hell House
1974: Female Trouble
1974: The Towering Inferno Special Edition
1974: Tobe Hooper’s TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE: 2-Disc Ultimate Edition; Restored & Remastered; Tin Casing
1975: One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest
1975: The Stepford Wives
1976: Burnt Offerings
1976: Carrie
1976: Salø or The 120 Days of Sodom (Criterion Collection)
1976: sebastiane (Latin w. English subtitles) Derek Jarman
1976: Taxi Driver
1976: The Omen (Special Edition)
1977: Desperate Living by John Waters
1977: House (Criterion Collection 2010)
1977: Suspiria (Limited Edition) 3-Disc Collector’s Edition
1977: The Hills Have Eyes
1977: The Hills Have Eyes
1978: Dawn of the Dead
1978: Midnight Express
1978: Phantasm
1978: The Fury
1979: Stalker (Russia)
1980: Altered States
1980: Cruising
1980: Dressed to Kill
1980: Raging Bull
1980: The Changeling
1981: Body Heat
1981: DIVA (The Meridian Collection)
1981: Gallipoli
1981: The Postman Always Rings Twice
1982: Diner
1982: Frances
1982: Querelle
1982: Videodrome
1983: Breathless w. Richard Gere
1983: Koyaanisqatsi (Life Out of Balance)
1983: Testament
1984: Another Country
1984: Body Double
1984: Phenomena (Dario Argento)
1984: The Cotton Club
1984: The Hitcher
1986: Blue Velvet
1986: Gothic (Ken Russell)
1986: Manhunter (Restored Director’s Cut)
1986: Texas Chainsaw Massacre II
1987: Angel Heart
1987: Full Metal Jacket
1987: maurice (2-Disc Special Edition Set)
1987: Prick Up Your Ears
1988: Beyond Dream’s Door
1988: Hairspray by John Waters
1988: Heathers
1989: Apartment Zero
1989: My Left Foot (Miramax Special Edition)
1989: Santa Sangre (Remastered 2-Disc Edition)
1989: The Cook, The Thief, His Wife and Her Lover
1990: Bad Influence
1990: Frankenstein Unbound (Roger Corman)
1990: Jacob’s Ladder
1990: Pacific Heights
1990: Paris is Burning
1990: Silence of the Lambs Special Edition
1990: The Comfort of Strangers
1990: The Exorcist III
1990: The Silence of the Lambs
1991: Blade Runner
1991: Talent for the Game
1991: Thelma & Louise
1992: Damage
1992: Lawnmower Man
1992: Raising Cain (Triple Feature)
1992: The Living End
1993: BLINK
1993: Boxing Helena
1993: Cemetery Man
1993: Robert Altman’s SHORT CUTS (Criterion Collection: 2-Disc Set)
1994: Natural Born Killers
1994: Pulp Fiction (2-Disc Collector’s Edition
1994: The Shawshank Redemption (Special 2-Disc Edition)
1994: Uncovered
1995 - 1998 - 2000: The Prophecy, Prophecy II, Prophecy III
1995: Johnny Mnemonic
1995: KIDS by Larry Clarke
1995: Se7en (2-Disc Notebook Edition)
1995: Showgirls
1995: the city of lost children
1995: The Usual Suspects
1995: To Die For (Autographed by Gus van Sant)
1996 – 1999: One Step Beyond (5 Episodes) Special Edition
1996: Fargo
1996: Fear (Triple Feature)
1996: Sling Blade (2-Disc Special Edition)
1996: Trainspotting
1997: Albino Alligator
1997: Asylum (Robert Patrick, Malcolm McDowell)
1997: Crash (David Cronenberg)
1997: Gattaca
1997: Great Expectations
1997: House of The Dead
1997: Insomnia (Criterion Collection)
1997: Reservoir Dogs
1997: Samuel L Jackson 187
1997: The Fifth Element
1998: Apt Pupil
1998: Arlington Road
1998: Gods and Monsters
1998: Hush
1998: In The Flesh
1998: Lolita
1998: Pillow Book
1998: Strangeland (Dee Snider)
1998: What Dreams May Come
1998: When the Bough Breaks
1998: Whispering Corridors (Tartan Asia Extreme Horror)
1998: wildthings
1999: “a life less ordinary”
1999: 8mm
1999: Audition (Uncut Special Edition)
1999: Dark Shadows: Special Edition
1999: eXistenZ
1999: Eyes Wide Shut
1999: House On Haunted Hill (Double Feature Disc)
1999: Limbo
1999: Memento Mori (Tartan Asia Extreme Horror) South Korea
1999: Sleepy Hallow
1999: Stir of Echoes
1999: Tell Me Something
1999: The Blair Witch Project
1999: The Mummy
1999: The St. Francisville Experiment
1999: The Thomas Crown Affair
2000: Addicted (South Korea: Special Edition)
2000: American Beauty
2000: American Psycho (Uncut Version)
2000: Battle Royale: The Complete Collection (2012; 4-Disc Edition)
2000: Before Night Falls
2000: Boys Don’t Cry
2000: Pay It Forward
2000: Requiem for a Dream (Director’s Cut)
2000: Steam: The Turkish Bath
2000: Stigmata
2000: The Broken Hearts Club
2000: The Cell (Tarsem Singh)
2000: The Gladiator (2-Disc Special Edition)
2000: The Watcher (Triple Feature)
2000: Unbreakable (Vista 2-Disc Special Edition)
2001: Battle Royale: Collector’s Edition: Director’s Cut
2001: Billy Elliot
2001: Boogiemen
2001: Circuit
2001: Dark Water (Japanese)
2001: Disco Pigs
2001: Donnie Darko
2001: Ed Gein
2001: Following
2001: Frailty
2001: From Hell
2001: Hannibal [Special Edition]
2001: Hannibal Special Edition
2001: Hedwig and the Angry Inch
2001: ICHI THE KILLER (2-Disc Edition)
2001: Memento
2001: Monster’s Ball
2001: Moulin Rouge (Two-Disc Special Edition)
2001: Mulholland Drive
2001: One Take Only (Tartan Asia Extreme) Thailand
2001: Sidewalks of New York
2001: SORUM (Tartan Asia Extreme Horror) South Korea
2001: The Devil’s Backbone
2001: The Glass House
2001: Time Out
2001: Traffic
2001: Working Girl
2002: 3 Extremes II
2002: Artificial Intelligence (2-disc Special Edition)
2002: Audition (Takashi Miike) (Japanese)
2002: Baz Luhrmann’s RED CURTAIN TRILOGY (Strictly Ballroom, Romeo + Juliet, Moulin Rouge, Behind the Red Curtain) Box Set
2002: Broken Wings
2002: Darkness
2002: Gosford Park
2002: Inner Senses
2002: Irreversible (French)
2002: Keep the River on Your Right: a modern cannibal tale
2002: Levity
2002: One Hour Photo
2002: spider
2002: Swimfan
2002: The Crime of Padre Pio
2002: The Eye (Chinese)
2002: The Good Girl
2002: The Invisibles
2002: The Others (Collector’s Series)
2002: The Road to Perdition
2002: The Rules of Attraction
2002: TRAUMA (Dario Argento)
2002: Unborn But Forgotten (Tartan Asia Extreme) South Korea
2002: Visitor Q (Takashi Miike)
2003: A Different Loyalty
2003: A Tale of Two Sisters (Tartan Asia Extreme Horror) South Korea
2003: Acacia (Tartan Asia Extreme Horror) South Korea
2003: Anonymous
2003: Beyond Borders
2003: Blink
2003: Darkness Falls
2003: Frisk
2003: Gothika (Two-Disc Special Edition)
2003: Haute Tension (High Tension) French
2003: Hunting Humans
2003: In The Cut
2003: Ju-On 2 (Japanese)
2003: Memories of Murder (Korean Horror)
2003: Men Behind the Sun (Chinese)
2003: NAILS (Russian)
2003: Natural City (South Korea: Tartan Asia Extreme)
2003: Oldboy (Tartan Asia Extreme 3-Disc Collector’s Edition)
2003: OMEN (Thai Horror)
2003: Phobic
2003: Red Dragon
2003: Sanitarium
2003: Signs
2003: Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter & Spring
2003: suicide (Troma Video)
2003: The Locker & The Locker 2 (Double Disc)
2003: The Missing
2003: The Order
2003: The Ring
2003: The Uninvited (South Korea)
2003: Toolbox Murders
2003: Versus (3-Disc Special Edition) Japan
2003: Wishing Stairs (Tartain Asia Extreme Horror) South Korea
2003: Wonderland (2-Disc Version)
2004: 3 Extremes (2-Disc Special Edition) Dumplings, Cut, Box
2004: Alien V Predator (AVP)
2004: Alone in the Dark
2004: Bad Education
2004: Casshern
2004: Closer
2004: Devil’s Nightmare & Pieces (Bloodbath)
2004: Disappeared
2004: Doppelganger (Tartan Asia Extreme Horror) Japan
2004: Eternal: Inspired by True Events (Countess Bathory)
2004: Family Portraits (A Trilogy of America)
2004: Garuda (Japanese)
2004: Helter Skelter (The Director’s Cut)
2004: House of Sand and Fog
2004: HP Lovecraft’s Beyond The Wall of Sleep
2004: Immortal (Limited Edition Steel Book)
2004: Ju-On (Japanese)
2004: Kill Baby Kill & kiss Me Kill Me (Bloodbath)
2004: Koma (Tartan Asia Extreme Horror) Hong Kong
2004: Marebito (Tartan Asia Extreme Horror) (Japan)
2004: Mean Creek
2004: Mysterious Skin
2004: Near Death
2004: One Missed Call (Japanese) (Takashi Miike)
2004: phone (Tartan Asia Extreme Horror) South Korea
2004: Prayer Beads (Complete Series; 9 Movies on 2 Discs; Thailand
2004: R-Point (Tartan Asia Extreme Horror) South Korea
2004: SAW (Special FS Box)
2004: SAW (Special Uncut WS Edition Packaging)
2004: Secret Window
2004: Spider Forest (Tartan Asia Extreme Horror) South Korea
2004: Starkweather
2004: The Eye 2 (Chinese)
2004: The Final Cut
2004: The Grudge
2004: The Jacket
2004: The Neighbor No. Thirteen
2004: The Nomi Song
2004: The Perfect Storm
2004: The Ray Bradbury Theatre (65 Episodes; 5 DVDs)
2004: The Tesseract
2004: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2-Disc Special Edition)
2004: The Woodsman
2004: TRAUMA
2004: VITAL (Tartan Asia Extreme Horror) Japan
2005: {proof}
2005: 13 Tzameti
2005: 13: Game of Death
2005: Admissions
2005: Aftermath | Genesis (Special Edition)
2005: An American Haunting
2005: An American Haunting Unrated Edition
2005: Angel-A
2005: Antibodies (2-Disc Special Edition)
2005: Are You Scared?
2005: Asylum
2005: Blood Trails
2005: Brokeback Mountain (2-Disc Collector’s Edition)
2005: Caché
2005: CELLO (Tartan Asia Extreme Horror) South Korea
2005: Constantine (2-Disc Deluxe Edition)
2005: Dark Water (American Version)
2005: Derailed
2005: Dominion: Prequel to The Exorcist
2005: Dorm (Tartan Asia Extreme Horror) Thailand
2005: Driftwood
2005: Edmond
2005: Exorcist: The Beginning
2005: FrightFest: Fragile
2005: Hard Candy
2005: Incubus
2005: intermedio
2005: Kinsey
2005: Lady Vengeance (Tartan Extreme Horror) South Korea
2005: LOST
2005: Meatball Machine (Japanese)
2005: Mind Hunters
2005: Pray (Tartan Asia Extreme Horror) Japan
2005: Premonition (Japanese)
2005: Pulse (Kairo) (Japanese)
2005: Rings
2005: Ringu 0 (One of the Films That Inspired THE RING)
2005: RIZE
2005: SAW II (Special 2-Disc Edition)
2005: SAW II (Special Edition)
2005: Silence Becomes You
2005: SILK (Tartan Asia Extreme Horror) Taiwan
2005: Stay
2005: Straight Men and the Men Who Love Them
2005: Strange Circus
2005: Suffocation (Chinese Horror)
2005: Tarnation
2005: Tears in the Rain
2005: The Booth (Tartan Asia Extreme Horror) Japan
2005: The Dark Hours
2005: The Devil’s Reject (Special 2 Disc Edition)
2005: The Devil’s Rejects [Special 2 Disc Edition]
2005: The Dying Gaul
2005: The Heirloom (Tartan Asia Extreme Horror) Taiwan
2005: The Interpreter
2005: The Island
2005: The Maid (Tartan Asia Extreme Horror) Singapore
2005: The Red Shoes (Tartan Asia Extreme Horror) South Korea
2005: the ring two
2005: The Village
2005: The Wig
2005: Tideland
2005: TransAmerica
2005: Tsotsi
2005: Unknown White Male: A True Story
2005: Visions of Suffering (Special Edition, Russian Horror Collection)
2005: VOICE Unrated (South Korea)
2005: VOICE Unrated (South Korea)
2005: Waterborne
2006: 16 Blocks
2006: an inconvenient truth
2006: Arang (Tartan Asia Extreme Horror) South Korea
2006: Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon
2006: Black Dahlia
2006: Botched
2006: broken
2006: BROKEN
2006: Captivity
2006: Carved (Tartan Asia Extreme Horror) Japan
2006: Catacombs (Unrated Director’s Cut)
2006: Cinderella (Tartan Asia Extreme Horror) South Korea
2006: Cold Prey
2006: Danika
2006: Dark Forest of Death (Korean Horror 1)
2006: Darkroom
2006: Dead Waves (Japanese Horror)
2006: Death Tunnel
2006: Demonic
2006: Desperation (Stephen King)
2006: DiARY
2006: Ed Gein: The Butcher of Plainfield
2006: Flood
2006: Freakshow
2006: Gay Sex in the 70s
2006: Ghost of Mae Nak (Tartan Asia Extreme Horror) Thailand
2006: Ghost Son
2006: H6: Diary of a Serial Killer (Spain)
2006: Heart Stopper
2006: Hidden Floor (Korean Horror 4)
2006: HP Lovecraft’s The Tomb
2006: ID
2006: Jack Ketchum’s THE LOST
2006: Knock Knock
2006: Lady in the Water
2006: Little Children
2006: My Bloody Roommates (Korean Horror 3)
2006: Nightmare Detective (Unrated)
2006: Night Watch (Russian)
2006: Nightmares from Asia (6-Disc Bloodbath) Art of the Devil; The Commitment; Discovery; Nightmare; Red Eye; The Unborn
2006: No Regret
2006: Pan’s Labyrinth
2006: Perfume: The Story of a Murderer
2006: Pulse (American Reboot)
2006: Rampo Noir (Mars Canal, Mirror Hell, Caterpillar, Crawling Bugs)
2006: Re-Cycle
2006: Resonnances
2006: Rest Stop: The Collection (Dead Ahead, Don’t Look Back)
2006: Retribution
2006: Running Scared
2006: Saw III (Unrated Edition)
2006: Sheitan (French: Tartan Video)
2006: Silent Hill
2006: Sublime (Unrated)
2006: Taxidermia (Hungarian)
2006: The Attic
2006: The Black Dahlia
2006: The Curse of February 29 (Korean Horror 2)
2006: The Devil’s Chair
2006: The Drone Virus
2006: The Fall (Tarsem Singh)
2006: The Fountain
2006: The Grudge 2
2006: The Host (2-Disc Collector’s Edition)
2006: The Illusionist
2006: The Lives of Others
2006: The Living and The Dead
2006: The Omen (Remake)
2006: The Other
2006: The Perfect Witness
2006: The Tomb
2006: The Wickerman
2006: Trivial
2006: When A Stranger Calls
2006: Wristcutters
2006: Zodiac
2007: Already Dead
2007: Apartment 1303 (Tartan Asia Extreme Horror) (Japanese)
2007: Automatic Transfusion
2007: Black Out
2007: Borat
2007: Canvas
2007: Chaos Theory
2007: Crave (Film Series)
2007: Dark Matter
2007: Day Watch
2007: DayNightDayNight
2007: Death Sentence
2007: End of the Line
2007: Experiment in Horror
2007: Fermat’s Room (Blockbuster Exclusive)
2007: Forest of Death
2007: Frayed
2007: Frontier(s)
2007: GHOST (Tartan Asia Extreme Horror) Korea
2007: GHOST HOUSE: The Substitute
2007: Ghost House: The Tattooist
2007: Hairspray
2007: Haunted Forest
2007: He Was a Quiet Man
2007: Horror Movie Classics (Tin Box, Collector’s Edition; 5 Discs, 10 Classic Horror Movies: Horror Hotel, The Last Man on Earth, Dementia 13, The Terror, The Cabinet of Dr Caligari, House on Haunted Hill, Night of the Living Dead, Nightmare Castle, Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, Nosferatu)
2007: Hydra
2007: ID
2007: Jack Ketchum’s THE GIRL NEXT DOOR
2007: Otis
2007: Paranoid Park (Gus van Sant)
2007: Pathology
2007: Rails & Ties
2007: Reborn
2007: Return to House On Haunted Hill (Double Feature Disc)
2007: Right At Your Door
2007: Rob Zombie’s HALLOWEEN Director’s Cut
2007: Rockaway
2007: Running with Scissors
2007: Sex and Death 101
2007: Sleep Dealer (Mexico)
2007: Slipstream
2007: Soul Searcher
2007: Stuck
2007: The Appeared (Blockbuster Exclusive)
2007: The Dead Girl
2007: The Hills Have Eyes 2
2007: The Hills Have Eyes 2 Unrated
2007: The Last Sin Eater
2007: The Last Winter
2007: the lost room (2-Disc Entire Series Collector’s Set)
2007: The Mist (2-Disc Collector’s Edition
2007: the number 23
2007: The Reaping
2007: The Return
2007: The Return
2007: The Sarah Silverman Program. Season One.
2007: the secret life of words
2007: The Signal
2007: The Tattooist
2007: The Tripper
2007: They Wait
2007: Things We Lost in the Fire
2007: Tomb of Terrors (12 Disc, 50-movie, Box Set)
2007: Trick r Treat
2007: Vacancy
2008: 5 Films By Dario Argento (Do You Like Hitchcock?; Phenomena; Tenebre; The Card Player; Trauma)
2008: Alphabet Killer
2008: Blood Creek
2008: Carriers
2008: Choke
2008: Clive Barker’s Book of Blood
2008: Cloverfield
2008: Cold Storage
2008: Dark City (Director’s Cut)
2008: Death in Love
2008: Elegy
2008: Fear Itself (Collector’s Edition Four-Disc Set) Eater, Spooked, Community, The Sacrifice; In Sickness and In Health; Family Man; Something with Bite; New Year’s Day; Skin and Bones; Chance; The Spirit Box; Echoes; The Circle
2008: Four-Eyed Monsters (Complete Collection w. Exclusive CD)
2008: FrightFest: Dark House
2008: Grace
2008: Grace
2008: Gran Torino
2008: Horseman
2008: HUSH
2008: I Sell The Dead
2008: Incendiary
2008: Inside
2008: La Vida Loca
2008: Martyrs
2008: Naked Fear
2008: Nature’s Grave
2008: Night Watcher
2008: Not Forgotten
2008: P2
2008: Passengers
2008: Philosophy of a Knife (Russian)
2008: Pontypool (Blockbuster Exclusive)
2008: Quarantine
2008: Red Mist
2008: Rendition
2008: Rob Zombie’s HALLOWEEN II Director’s Cut
2008: Savages
2008: Shrooms
2008: Six Films to Keep You Awake (Spain) (Blame; Spectre; A Real Friend; A Christmas Tale; The Baby’s Room; To Let
2008: Skeleton Crew
2008: Straight Men and the Men Who Love Them (13 or so minutes)
2008: Synecdoche
2008: The Cottage
2008: The Dark Knight (2-Disc Special Edition)
2008: The Day The Earth Stood Still (2-Disc Special Edition)
2008: The Echo
2008: The Edge of Heaven
2008: The Killing Room
2008: The Lazarus Project
2008: The Midnight Meat Train
2008: The Ruins (Unrated)
2008: The Sick House
2008: The Square
2008: The Unborn (Theatrical and Unrated Version)
2008: Thirst
2009: Albino Farm
2009: A Haunting in Connecticut
2009: Adoration
2009: After Dark Horror Fest 4: Dread
2009: Anti-Christ (2-Disc, Criterion Collection Set)
2009: Bajo La Sal (Spanish)
2009: Brief Interviews with Hideous Men
2009: Brothers
2009: Circle of Eight
2009: Dead In 3 Days
2009: Demon Warriors
2009: District 9
2009: Don McKay
2009: Donkey Punch
2009: Eva Mendes Live!
2009: Franklyn
2009: FrightFest: Hunger
2009: FrightFest: The Haunting
2009: Ghost House: Offspring
2009: Heroes of Horror (12 Horror Movies on 4-Discs)
2009: Hurt
2009: INK
2009: Into Temptation
2009: John Carpenter: Master of Fear (The Thing, Prince of Darkness, They Live, Village of the Damned)
2009: La Mission
2009: Lo
2009: Macabre
2009: måncora
2009: My Bloody Valentine (3-D Cover; 2-Disc Special Edition)
2009: Night of the Demons
2009: Nine Dead
2009: Orphan
2009: P (Tartan Asia Extreme Horror) Thailand
2009: Paranormal Activity
2009: PontyPool
2009: PUSH
2009: Room of Death
2009: Sam’s Lake
2009: Sauna
2009: SAW: 5-Disc Unrated Collector’s Set
2009: Stolen
2009: Surveillance
2009: Teenage Dirtbag
2009: Tell Tale
2009: The Boneyard and The Six Degrees of Helter Skelter
2009: The Butcher
2009: The Collector
2009: The Disappearance of Alice Creed
2009: The Haunting in Connecticut
2009: The Hills Run Red
2009: The Last House on The Left
2009: The Last House on the Left Unrated
2009: The Lodger
2009: The Messenger
2009: The Night of The Demons
2009: The Objective
2009: The Road
2009: The September Issue
2009: The Tortured
2009: The Uninvited
2009: The Wes Craven Horror Collection (The Serpent and The Rainbow, The People Under the Stairs, Shocker)
2009: THIRST (Korean)
2009: Triage
2009: Troubled Water
2009: troubled Water
2009: White Ghost & Black Ghost (Double Disc)
2007: Bloody Reunion (Tartan Asia Extreme Horror) South Korea
2007: shutter (Tartan Asia Extreme Horror) Thailand
2010: Absentia
2010: Serious Man
2010: 8213: Gacy House
2010: A Serbian Film (Unrated Director’s Cut)
2010: Bedevilled
2010: Blood Bath (12 Movie Collection: Angst: 2006; Harvest of Fear: 2005; A Brush with Death: 2006; Haunting of Rebecca Verlaine: 2003; The Chambermaid: 2007; Red Riding Hood: 2004; Death on Demand: 2008; Shadows of The Dead: 2004; Demonic: 2006; The Twisted Sisters: 2006; Hallowed: 2006; Uninvited: 1993)
2010: Case 39
2010: Catfish
2010: Clash of the Titans (RENTAL)
2010: DEVIL (Rental Only)
2010: FrightFest: The Tomb
2010: Grimm Love
2010: Hereafter (RENTAL)
2010: I Saw The Devil (Unrated)
2010: I Spit On Your Grave
2010: Insidious
2010: Insomnia
2010: Mother
2010: NEEDLE
2010: Possession
2010: Savage Holocaust: Psycho Santa, Satan Clause, Campfire Tales, Vampire Junction, FAQ, Binge & Purge
2010: Storm
2010: Strapped
2010: The Bang Bang Club
2010: The Crazies
2010: The Fourth Kind
2010: The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest (Original)
2010: The Girl Who Played with Fire (Original)
2010: The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo (Original)
2010: The Killer Inside Me
2010: The Last Exorcism
2010: The Last Exorcism
2010: The Square
2010: Ticking Clock
2010: Triage
2010: Twelve
2010: Virus X
2011: 4:44 Last Day On Earth
2011: Asylum Blackout
2011: Beneath The Darkness
2011: Contagion
2011: Exit Humanity
2011: Greystone Park (Inspired by True Events)
2011: HELL
2011: Kill List
2011: Little Deaths (Unrated)
2011: Mirror Mirror (Rental Exclusive) Tarsem Singh
2011: Rogue River
2011: screamfest: OUTPOST: Black Sun
2011: Source Code
2011: Super 8
2011: The Corridor
2011: The Debt (Rental Only)
2011: The Hellraiser Collection (Hellraiser 3 – 8)
2011: The Hunters
2011: The Life Zone
2011: The Rite
2011: The Rite (Rental Only)
2011: The Roommate
2011: The Tree of Life
2011: VILE
2012: 8 Films to Die For (After Dark Horrorfest III) (Autopsy, the Broken; Slaughter; Butterfly Effect 3; Perkins 14; Dying Breed; From Within; Voices)
2012: Chronicle
2012: excision (unrated)
2012: HIDDEN
2012: KEY
2012: Midnight Horror (The Prophecy; Scarecrow; Hindsight; Cruel World; The Gingerdead Man; Howling IV; Disturbed; Inside)

And the award for the best 007 goes to:
Daniel Craig

Sunday, February 24, 2013

And the Oscar for Best Original Song goes to...

Born this day in 1955
Steve Jobs

Finally! A review of Hurricane Grace
The Roseland Ballroom, October 2012

As the Tri-State area braced for the onslaught of Hurricane Sandy, Hurricane Grace made landfall Saturday night at the historic Roseland Ballroom in New York City. The 64 year-old singer stormed the stage in wrap-up stilettos and dazzled the sold-out crowd for two solid hours with a hits-heavy set that featured a different costume for every song.
Fronting a six-piece band and two backup singers, Jones took the stage in near darkness and opened with “Nightclubbing.” The woman is in phenomenal shape and appears downright ageless. As she stood on a riser above the stage in an outfit that lit up, her sultry take on the David Bowie/Iggy Pop song set the mood for the evening as she sang, “Oh, isn’t it wild?”Her only U.S. appearance this year, the show was a one-of-a-kind event conceived by U.K. milliner Philip Treacy to feature the singer (and former model) in outfits by designers Issey Miyake,Jean Paul Gaultier and Alexander McQueen. Jones stayed in a black corset with thong, fishnets and heels the entire evening and spent the night accenting this with her various changes offstage, though she never made clear which designer she was wearing (most of the hats probably were Treacy, and one or two of the more unusual pieces probably Gaultier). Her fans dressed up, too: Holding the concert on the Saturday before Halloween only sealed the deal as the room looked like it was packed with extras fromParty Monster and Paris Is Burning.
Jones moved off stage for the first of her 15 costume changes while the lights dimmed, though she held on to her microphone and addressed the crowd: “Welcome! I love you already!” The singer was brightly convivial all night, and surprisingly coarse. At one point, she announced, “Oh my God, I need to suck a dick!” Her salaciousness fit with her leering, preening manner, and the audience ate it up.
Jones returned to sing “This Is Life” from her most recent album, 2009’s Hurricane, and followed it with “My Jamaican Guy” and her cover of Pretenders’ “Private Life.” Whether she’s singing or talk-singing, Jones was in excellent voice all night. One of the many highlights of her set was the costume she wore for her take on The Police’s “Demolition Man,” which featured the singer with a shining metal hat and carrying two cymbals, which she crashed to great effect. “I keep it tight,” she said with a laugh.
Jones’ music ranges from avant-garde disco and new wave to reggae, funk and pop. Emerging from the darkness in gold sequined top hat and tails, she asked for a glass of wine; when she began speaking in French it became obvious what song was up next: her lilting light-jazz rendition of “La Vie en Rose,” one of her biggest hits. However, when the song began playing, she stepped on a revolving turntable, started joking with the crowd and missed her cue. She continued, though she admitted her mistake, which only served to unravel her and leave her and the crowd laughing.
Jones featured two more tracks from Hurricane (“Well Well Well,” “Williams’ Blood”) before returning to classics like “Warm Leatherette” and her cover of Roxy Music’s “Love Is the Drug.” Her costume for “Pull Up to the Bumper” was a riding crop and a horse tail, fixed at her lower back. She pulled a young man out of the audience and danced with him onstage; after the song, she made him take off his shirt and flirted with him mercilessly.
Jones seemed to be having as much fun as the crowd, drinking wine, making lewd comments and at times even yelling at the spotlight operators: “I’m over here; no one’s over there!” When she sang, her voice was powerful, and when she wasn’t singing, she was dancing. And, as she famously did at Queen Elizabeth II's Diamond Jubilee concert in June, the singer emerged from the shadows at the end of her set carrying a Hula Hoop. Jones then called in “Slave to the Rhythm” and proceeded to hula for the entire song, while singing in a thong and heels.
Jones returned for an encore of the aptly chosen “Hurricane.” She appeared in an Issey Miyake parachute wrap and stood in front of a fan that blew the fabric well behind her as she clutched a pole. The song finished, Jones left without saying a word. She is a tremendous performer, and at an age when many people are thinking about retirement, she looks and sounds far from it. Like a hurricane, Grace Jones packs a wallop.
Set List:
This Is Life
My Jamaican Guy
Private Life
Demolition Man
I've Seen That Face Before (Libertango)
La Vie en Rose
Well Well Well
Williams' Blood
Warm Leatherette
Love Is the Drug
Pull Up to the Bumper
Feel Up
Slave to the Rhythm

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