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Transit Astrology
Jupiter Trine Pluto

Jupiter Trine Pluto
mid-June 2011 – 15 February 2012
Full Moon

Reform and remake ***

Under this influence you will move to make positive changes in your personal and your social world. But the most important question you can ask is, "In whose name do I want to change things?" You should realize that under this influence it is quite easy to exert power and make changes. The energies seem to flow in the direction you want, presenting you with opportunities for taking control in some way. However, you should be motivated by something more than your own personal ambition, even though that will be favored along with any ambition in your life now. But if this power is selfish and personally oriented, you will have trouble later on, and the results will not be lasting. You have to strike a balance and adopt a philosophy of "enlightened self-interest." You must recognize that you benefit most when you can couple your own interests with those of the people you live and work with. In some way you must embody collective interests truly, not merely in your rationalizations.

You have a strong desire to reform and remake at this time, and you should be striving to improve conditions all around you, to renew and to serve as a vehicle for regeneration in your world. If you attain personal power in any way at all, use it to clear up and clean out. You may have the chance to lead or influence others, so use that influence to help everyone concerned to grow with you.

On the mundane level, this influence can coincide with professional success, political power or tremendous gains in personal wealth or resources. On a more humble level, it can give you the chance to straighten out situations in your life that have been sources of trouble for you.

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In a parallel universe:
Queen's "take" on The Super Bowl

Madonna's Super Bowl Half-Time Fiasco!

This posting of material ©NBC and ©Bridgestone is specifically as a news item for people who may have missed the initial airing, and, therefore, falls under "newsworthy" and "educational."

I make no claims on this video clip, and I will not benefit financially in any way for its airing here. is a blog with a journalistic bent, and, as such, I am posting this clip.