Friday, March 18, 2011

This Day in History | 1961
Poppin' Fresh
The Pillsbury Doughboy Introduced

Why some brutha didn't snatch up this name for a rap career.
Sure beats M&M!!!


Astrology | Natal + Transit Chart
04 May 1960 v 18 Mar 2011

Tsunami Footage w. People Watching

Keep this in mind, boyz, as you spend mindless amounts of money on something so fleeting and tangential as a "possible" resurrection of a life that was, and is no more. Yes. The Circuit was better before they started slapping numbers and colors on 'em. Lots of bareblacking going on, fo' sho'!!!

Rites I + Rites II
Frank Diaz
Photographed by Robert Mapplethorpe

The Saint, NYC
The Original Black Party, 1979

I'm in a "state of shock!"
Unreleased duet "State of Shock"
Michael Jackson & Freddie Mercury

In 1983 (?), Michael Jackson and Freddie Mercury recorded a handful of songs, most of which ended up in Michael's vaults. STATE OF SHOCK (download here) leaked out years ago, in advance of Mick Jagger's collaboration with Tina Turner.

What Sights @ Rites | The Black Party
Not Mapplethorpe, Joe 1978

Colin Farrell | Irish

Bono | Irish

Sinead O'Connor | Irish

St Patrick's Day 2011

Not Frank Diaz by Robert Mapplethorpe 1979
Not the Invitation to The Black Party 1979

Robert Mapplethorpe | The Black Party
Previously unpublished. 2011.

The Black Party. ©2011
The Estate of Robert Mapplethorpe

Robert Mapplethorpe | The Black Party
Previously unpublished.

Boots. ©2011
The Estate of Robert Mapplethorpe