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Either way, people still die.

Monday, October 18, 2010

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The Singles Collection
Volume 4

The Screaming Room | 2006
Dead in 3 Days

Why I'm Glad I'm a Taurus
el torero

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The Fleecing of the Fans Must Go On
Volume 4 Released Today

Gosh. I didn't know Queen had NEW MATERIAL released from their vaults today?!!??!!?????

The closing chapter to the entire history of Queen’s worldwide singles releases, Volume 4 tracks the band’s output through the latter years of 1989 to 1999.
Together, the four volume set offers over 100 tracks chronicling Queen’s extraordinary journey through the world-wide singles charts: from the very first single Keep Yourself Alive in 1973, to the very last single in 1999.
And what a spectacular journey Queen made: no less than 14 out of the 16 A-sides in this set achieved top 10 chart positions worldwide.
Added extras which are likely to be of particularly special interest are ‘Queen Talks’, (a collage of interview snippets from various band interviews randomly strung together for comical effect), live versions of Stone Cold Crazy recorded in London in 1974, and Rock In Rio Blues, a unique live concert recording from the ‘Rock In Rio’ festival in Brazil in 1985.
Queen The Singles Collection Volume 4
CD Single 1
1. The Miracle
2. Stone Cold Crazy (Live)
CD Single 2
1. Innuendo
2. Bijou
CD Single 3
1. I’m Going Slightly Mad
2. The Hitman
CD Single 4
1. Headlong
2. All God’s People
CD Single 5
1. The Show Must Go On
2. Queen Talks
CD Single 6
1. Bohemian Rhapsody
2. These Are The Days Of Our Lives
CD Single 7
1. Heaven For Everyone (Single Version)
2. It’s A Beautiful Day
CD Single 8
1. A Winter’s Tale
2. Rock In Rio Blues
CD Single 9
1. Too Much Love Will Kill You
2. I Was Born To Love You
CD Single 10
1. Let Me Live
2. We Will Rock You (Live)
3. We Are The Champions (Live)
CD Single 11
1. You Don’t Fool Me (Edit)
2. You Don’t Fool Me (Album Version)
CD Single 12
1. No-One But You (Only The Good Die Young)
2. We Will Rock You (The Rick Rubin ‘Ruined’ Remix)
3. The Prize (Instrumental Remix for ‘The Eye’)
CD Single 13
1. Under Pressure Rah Mix (Radio Edit)
2. Under Pressure (Mike Spencer Remix)
3. Under Pressure (Live At Knebworth)

Buddy You're a Boy Make A Big Noise...
We Will We Will ROCK YOU!

Queen: Lego Band