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RIP | Freddie Mercury

States of Grace

In memoriam | Grace Jones Lynch

Ahh, Grace.

What a great companion you were. A wonderful greyhound. A loving greyhound.

And thank you so much for bringing Brutus Maximus into my life.

If you weren't such a model of your breed, I'd've just adopted any old dog from the pound. But, because of you, I rescued another greyhound, and was blessed with this youngster, Brutus Maximus, someone you would have gotten along with famously.

But, like with you, I have a monogamy clause, so it's just me and Brutus for a long, long time to come.

I think my fondest memory of you is when we rang in the new millenium on Hollywood Beach, sleeping there comfortably all night, both of drinking two bottles of Korbel, and welcoming the first light of the year 2000.

You made it all the way from Ocala, to Flagler Dog Track and Hollywood Dog Track to New Beginnings and then straight into my heart. What a wonderful, wonderful hound you were.

And how my heart broke when it was time for you to go, even though you came back because you wanted to stay with me.

I know you are curled up at Gramma's feet, keeping her good company...

until we meet again.

Moulin Rouge (d. Baz Luhrmann)
Nicole Kidman, Ewan McGregor
Your Song

This Day in History | 1889
La Moulin Rouge opens in Paris!

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

What I will do to stop gay bullying.
I give a damn!

We need to make an appointment to "even out" the situations I outlined to you earlier this spring. I asked you to see that I was removed from all alumni mailing list, and I received an email from some Mr Phalen asking for money et al. I was enraged as this email came the same day the Rutgers' student suicide was announced in the news.

I will no longer be quiet, and I will no longer keep the names "anonymous" in regards to the teachers, the bullying, the sexual harassment and everything else I outlined to you as my being "the school faggot." The perpetrators may not remember their constant or intermittent slights, but I certainly do.

I have been asked to deliver two lectures, at colleges, in regards to gay bullying, and you need to know I have not only identified the teachers and some students in various online posting in blogs I write, but I will also reveal the name of the school, and every instructor who either participated in my bullying or the teachers who looked the other way.

I am very sure you had no idea that "gay bullying" would turn into such a topic in the news as it is today. But for me to have an AP English paper, in my handwriting as a 15 year old debating suicide as a "courageous act" and that I received an A and no solicitation of counseling is unfathomable.

You need to realize, Mr X, that all the problems which are being revealed in society (priests molesting kids, black folk being racially marginalized, the first people starting to stand up for gay marriage) start with one person. And when someone else hears that person and recognizes it also happened to them, you have two people, then four people, then eight people...

I believe this problem was endemic in the school, and when I look at the HC obits, I see a number of names of dead Crusaders who also went through gay bullying. Except they are dead now, and their voices silent.

I have tentative appointments to give both a lecture and a speech next week, and the week afterwards. I would highly suggest that we meet so as to find a mutually agreeable way to rectify my particular case, or the names of John Doe, David Doe, Tom Doe, James Doe, Brother John Doe and others, in addition to students, will be made public.

And if you think I will be speaking full of hot air, I am in contact with one instructor who knows what I went through and is the one instructor who provided me with solace, someone who is very willing to be a witness to my situation.

I hope you recognize my passion about this particular issue facing society today, and as an interactive journalist, and a 50 year old, out gay man who is HIV negative, I have the history and skills literally at my fingertips to expose Holy Cross for what it is: an institution which prefers to bury the problem rather that face it.

Respectfully submitted.

The Petit Family Murders in Cheshire CT
The Verdict | Steven Hayes
Guilty on 16 of 17 Counts

Murder (Jennifer Hawke-Petit): Guilty

Murder (Hayley Petit): Guilty

Murder (Michaela Petit): Guilty

Capital Felony (murders of two or more victims): Guilty

Capital Felony (Michaela Petit's death, murder of child under 16): Guilty

First-Degree Kidnapping (Dr. Petit): Guilty

First-Degree Kidnapping (Jennifer Hawke-Petit): Guilty

First-Degree Kidnapping (Hayley Petit): Guilty

First-Degree Kidnapping (Michaela Petit): Guilty

Capital Felony
(the murder of Jennifer Hawke-Petit during the course of a kidnapping): Guilty

Capital Felony
(the murder of Hayley Petit in the course of a kidnapping): Guilty

Capital Felony
(the murder of Michaela Petit in the course of a kidnapping): Guilty

First-degree sexual assault (Jennifer Hawke-Petit): Guilty

Capital Felony
(murder of Jennifer Hawke-Petit during the course of a first-degree sexual assault): Guilty

Third-degree burglary: Guilty

First-degree arson: NOT Guilty

Second-degree assault (Dr. Petit): Guilty

Learn Adobe CS5
Free book! Download the .pdf now!

Check out this link to a really great 172 page e-book on learning Adobe CS5!
A must-have for anyone duped into spending a fortune just to keep up with technology.

It's the LEAST they can do.
Apparently they don't realize when they upgrade the software, they render our pricey libraries useless! And we can't even donate them to libraries for their booksales...because they are obsolete!

The Vault | Hartford mid-1980s

St Rita with Pumpkin
Homage to Robert Mapplethorpe
Camera: Zeiss 1931 Iko-flex
Film: 120 color neg

The Vault | Miami 1990s


1931 Zeiss Iko-Flex Medium Format
anastimatic (uncoated) lens
Konica 120 Black-and-white Infrared Film
Pumpkin Photoshopped at a later date


I give a damn!



I was bullied at Holy Cross High School in Waterbury CT (1974 – 1978) and nobody gave a damn. Now the school refuses to allow any gay student groups to form in the school because, and I quote the president "We operate under the umbrella of the Archdiocese of Hartford."

Yeah. Sure.


I'm sure there was a priest or three who helped themselves to an altar boy or four at some point.

And what's this about the investigation of the Vatican Bank?

The umbrella of the Archdiocese of Hartford is leaking. 


I Think I'm Gonna Kill Myself
Elton John | 1972

I finally got a tattoo!!! Wanna see?

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Must-scream DVD | The Exorcist
(d. William Friedkin)
Remastered, Blu-Ray

Seeson's Greetings!
Masters of Horror | Season 1
Mausoleum Box Set

A BRILLIANT intro to Hallowe'en season 2010, the 2002 box set (yes, it's shaped like a mausoleum!) is a chilling way to start your collection of horror movies. Originally a series on the SHOWTIME network, here presented by STARZ and ANCHOR BAY, are 14 discs (which, if you pick the series up on Amazon's link above, is priced used, in excellent condition for a little over $2 per movie), MASTERS OF HORROR features some of the best directors of the horror genre: John Carpenter, John Landis, Mick Garris, Italy's infamous Dario Argento, and the awesome, twisted hand of Takashi Miike, whose IMPRINT was deemed "too horrifying for broadcast."

Here's a rundown of the movies and directors, with the more outstanding entries marked by an asterisk:

Haeckel's Tale
"Haeckel's Tale" is about a man who takes shelter in a cabin in the woods of New England, and once inside is told not to leave---no matter what sounds he hears on the outside. Based on a Clive Barker short story and directed by John McNaughton. Steve Bacic.

Pick Me Up
"Pick Me Up" pits a serial killer (Michael Moriarty) who targets hitchhikers against a serial-killer hitchhiker, with a young woman caught in the middle. Directed by Larry Cohen ("It's Alive").

Sick Girl
"Sick Girl" is a comedy thriller about an insect scientist (Angela Bettis) and the fly in the ointment that threatens her lesbian love affair. Erin Brown. Directed by Lucky McKee and written by Sean Hood.

Fair Haired Child
In "Fair Haired Child," an odd couple kidnap a teenage outcast (Lindsay Pulsipher) and lock her in a basement with their 13-year-old son, who harbors a dark secret. Lori Petty. Directed by William Malone and written by Matt Greenberg.

Cigarette Burns*
"Cigarette Burns" is the story of a young man (Norman Reedus) searching for a print of a rare film that purportedly, upon viewing, sent its audience into a crazed and violent frenzy. Directed by John Carpenter ("Halloween"). Udo Kier, Gary Hetherington.

Deer Woman
A cynical cop (Brian Benben) suspects that a fabled Native American creature called "Deer Woman" may actually be real. Cinthia Moura, Anthony Griffith. Directed by John Landis, who co-wrote the script with his son Max.

In "Homecoming," directed by Joe Dante ("Gremlins"), the nation discovers that the latest presidential election was intentionally tainted---by zombies. Jon Tenney, Robert Picardo. Sam Hamm wrote the screenplay, based on Dale Bailey's short story "Death & Suffrage."

In "Chocolate," a divorced man (Henry Thomas) experiences life through the senses of a mysterious woman with whom he falls in love. Written and directed by Mick Garris ("The Stand").

A modern-day Lolita named "Jenifer" turns out to be bad news for the police officer (Steven Weber) who saves her life and brings her to live in his home. Carrie Anne Fleming, Brenda James. Directed by Dario Argento ("Suspiria") from a script by Weber, who adapted the classic Bruce Jones comic book.

Dance of the Dead
"Dance of the Dead" is set in a post-apocalyptic world in which a young woman (Jessica Lowndes) visits an entertainment venue where reanimated corpses perform for the survivors of a nuclear holocaust. Directed by Tobe Hooper, written by Richard Christian Matheson, who adapted the short story by his father, Richard Matheson.

Dreams in the Witch-House*
"Dreams in the Witch-House" is an adaptation of H.P. Lovecraft's short story about a college student (Ezra Godden) who rents a New England flat, where he has nightmares that involve a witch, a rodent and the devil himself. Directed by Stuart Gordon ("Re-Animator"), who co-wrote the script with Dennis Paoli.

Incident on and off a Mountain Road
"Incident on and off a Mountain Road," about a deformed serial killer terrorizing a resourceful young woman (Bree Turner), who proves to be quite the survivalist. Angus Scrimm, Ethan Embry. Directed by Don Coscarelli, who co-wrote the screenplay with Stephen Romano.

Directed by Takashi Miike (Audition) The version that did not play on Showtime because of it's subject matter, so hold on to your stomach, and see if you can watch this one without looking through your fingers because your hand is blocking your eyes!