Thursday, May 13, 2010

Something's rotten at Apple...again.
Got MobileMe? Lose your mail? Too bad!


I'm just getting started.

This problem started BEFORE Christmas 2009, and continues today.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Orange as decorative accent.

The Party's Over.
MPEG-7 Standard

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NEC has announced today that its video content identification technology will be supported in the upcoming MPEG-7 video standard, meaning content owners that release videos with the standard can "detect illegal copies" uploaded to the Internet almost instantly.

The company says each frame has its own unique signature, meaning that doing any editing to the file or analog or camera copies will completely alter the overall signature of the original video.

NEC says "these developments are expected to significantly reduce the time and cost of manual content inspections as well as improve the scale and accuracy of content assessment."

Among the features of the video content identification technology are:

Accurate detection of copied or altered video content
Video signatures are extracted for each frame based on differences in the luminance between sets of sub-regions on a frame that are defined by a variety of locations, sizes, and shapes. Video signatures represent a unique fingerprint that can be individually detected frame by frame. This technology is capable of accurately detecting video content with that was created with such editing operations as analog capturing (*3), re-encoding (*4) and caption overlay (*5), which was conventionally very difficult to detect.

A high detection rate and low false positive rate for all video contents
By estimating confidence of signatures generated from each frame and using the confidence for sequence identification, the technology achieves a high detection rate (*6) with a very low false positive rate (*7). These technologies achieved an average detection rate of 96% at a very low false alarm rate of 5ppm (5 in one million) through tests conducted by the international standardization organization.

Detection of short video scenes
Due to the high identification capability of signatures, the technology is capable of accurately detecting video scenes as short as 2 seconds (60 frames), which was formerly impossible when using conventional methods.

Compatibility with home PCs
By designing a compact signature size of 76 bytes per frame, the storage memory required for the matching process is minimized. As a result, a home-class PC (*8) can match approximately 1,000 hours of video in 1 second. Due to the proliferation of video distribution services on the Internet, the detection and deletion of illegally distributed and copied video content (copyright infringement) has become a crucial issue for content holders and service providers. This problem has conventionally been addressed by manual inspection which is incapable of accurately tracking the constantly growing volume of Internet content. In order to solve this issue, various automatic detection tools have been proposed, such as digital watermarks where content is embedded with special code, and the use of image retrieval technology. However, it was prohibitively difficult to accurately inspect large databases, short content or video produced through various editing operations. These new technologies resolve each of the above issues.

Gotta see to believe!

Shamus Ian Fatzinger, Photographer
Washington DC
Sports Photography: Baseball

©Shamus Ian Fatzinger, Washington DC

The Vault|Miami (Undated)
The Bus Series

In Voluptate Mors v The Descent
Dali|Halsmann v Art Machine

Salvador Dali's Birthday
Sponsored by Timex.

Bizarro Land's Birthday Boy!
Salvador Dali

Monday, May 10, 2010

The Vault|1980
Kodalith Self-Portrait
The Newhouse Studios|Student Work

The Vault|1994
South Beach|Self-portrait

The Vault|1987
Nude Self-Portrait [Infrared]

That Which Will Kill Us All – Desire|U2

Birthday Boy Bono is 50!!!

Is there a time for keeping your distance
A time to turn your eyes away
Is there a time for keeping your head down
For getting on with your day

Is there a time for kohl and lipstick
A time for curling hair
Is there a time for high street shopping
To find the right dress to wear

Here she comes
Heads turn around
Here she comes
To take her crown

Is there a time to run for cover
A time for kiss and tell
Is there a time for different colours
Different names you find it hard to spell

Is there a time for first communion
A time for East Seventeen
Is there a time to turn to Mecca
Is there time to be a beauty queen

Here she comes
Beauty plays the clown
Here she comes
Surreal in her crown

Dici che il fiume
Trova la via al mare
E come il fiume
Giungerai a me
Oltre i confini
E le terre assetate
Dici che come il fiume
Come il fiume...
L'amore giungerà
E non so più pregare
E nell'amore non so più sperare
E quell'amore non so più aspettare

[Translation of the above]
You say that the river
finds the way to the sea
and like the river
you will come to me
beyond the borders
and the dry lands
You say that like a river
like a river...
the love will come
the love...
And i don't know how to pray anymore
and in love i don't know how to hope anymore
and for that love i don't know how to wait anymore

[End of Translation]

Is there a time for tying ribbons
A time for Christmas trees
Is there a time for laying tables
And the night is set to freeze

O lijepa, o draga, o slatka slobodo,
[dar u kom sva blaga višnji nam bog je do...]

Lena Horne|Stormy Weather 1943

Lena Horne

Before Grace
Lena Horne by George Hurrell

Grace Jones|Hologram by Chris Levine

Grace Jones does everything you expect of a pampered star. Our interview is scheduled for 9pm on Saturday. Then it's put back to 9pm the following Tuesday. Then it's delayed till midnight – she's tired after her show at the Albert Hall. She finally rocks up at the photographic studio in Shepherd's Bush, a converted Victorian school for disturbed children, at 1am.

Her catering requirements are straight from Central Diva Casting, too: fresh sashimi, Château Laroque St Emilion Grand Cru claret and Fine de Claire oysters from Bibendum. There's a momentary worry among her team (PR, dresser and management adviser) that the oysters come from Wright Brothers, the Borough Market fishmonger that supplies Bibendum restaurant, not from Bibendum itself, as specified. Still, I leave the interview at 2.55am, shattered but charmed. Having arranged these night-owl interview conditions, she then sympathises with me, conspiratorially, as if someone else is responsible for the whole farrago. 'Oh, lucky you, you got some sleep earlier, did you, early bird?' she booms, basso profundo, laying flirtatious, camp emphasis on the last two words, like an Amazonian Kenneth Williams. 'I'm so exhausted.'

photo ©Tim Bret-Day

London Evening-Standard

Speed Painting|Freddie Mercury