Friday, February 12, 2010

Anderson Cooper's Reporter's Notebook
12 February 2010|Haiti One Month Later

Haiti. One Month Later.

Must view video here.

Massive Attack|Singles 90/98



(I love saying that:

unzip and enjoy!)

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Haiti. Now.

We are the World|25 for Haiti!

Think Haiti.

Support Haiti.

Love Haiti.

This is really bizarre!

Accept yourself*
Many people feel most vulnerable with regard to their bodies. They mask and work on their bodies because they feel insecure or even ashamed of them. This is not the case for everyone and not a permanent feeling, but a little bit of this is in all of us. Under this influence you need have no fear of being hurt or rejected again. Rather you have the opportunity of recognizing and accepting such old wounds. The love and understanding of your partner can help you, if you are bold enough, to acknowledge and admit to your vulnerability. Trust in the fact that despite your wounds you can still be loved.

The interpretation above is for your transit selected for today:
Venus Conjunction Chiron, , exact at 17:39
activity period from 11 February 2010 to 13 February 2010

Georgian Luger dies in Olympics practice crash

(CNN) -- A luge slider from Georgia was killed Friday when he crashed during an Olympic training session hours before the opening ceremony of the Winter Games in Vancouver, British Columbia, the Georgian Embassy said.

Nodar Kumaritashvili, 21, was in the final run of official training when he had a "serious crash" and was propelled off the track, according to the International Olympic Committee. Doctors were unable to revive him, the IOC said.

"Our first thoughts are with the family, friends and colleagues of the athlete," IOC President Jacques Rogge said in a written statement. "The whole Olympic family is struck by this tragedy, which clearly casts a shadow over these Games."

Kumaritashvili was scheduled to compete in the men's singles luge event, which begins Saturday.


Massive Attack|Unfinished Symphony

I know that I've imagined love before
And how it could be with you
Really hurt me baby, really cut me baby
How can you have a day without a night
You're the book that I have opened
And now I've got to know much more

The curiousness of your potential kiss
Has got my mind and body aching
Really hurt me baby, really cut me baby
How can you have a day without a night
You're the book that I have opened
And now I've got to know much more

Like a soul without a mind
And a body without a heart
I'm missing every part

Hey, hey, hey
I, I, I, I


Mariner Software|A Sweet Deal of a Sale!

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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Even free, what a waste of an evening!!!

Alexander McQueen by David LaChapelle

Born this day in 1847|Thomas Edison

Ahh, so call me a whore...

Don't go breakin' my heart!!!
President Bill Clinton

What the hell are you staring at?

Alexander McQueen|What We've Lost Today...


Every since I was little...
Alexander McQueen|A Retrospective

Alexander McQueen 1999|Weird Science I and II

Kate Moss for Alexander McQueen

Latest News? Caught in a bad romance.
Lady GaGa

RIP Alexander McQueen

Sadly, the world just got a bit more boring

without Mr McQueen in it.

The Queen of Fashion Found Dead at 40!
Alexander Lee McQueen

88 keys|Elton John + Bernie Taupin

where love's just a job

and nothing is said.

CNN's GAY IN AMERICA, hosted by ?

We are your viewers.

We are white.

We are black.

We are Latino.

We are male.

We are female.

We are intersex.

We are your athletes.

We are your troops.

We are your first-responders.

We are your teachers.

We are your heroes.

We are everywhere.

We are invisible.

We are your brothers.

We are your sisters.

We are your mothers.

We are your fathers.

We are your friends.

We are family.

Monday, February 08, 2010

Sarah Palin's Hand Job!

Sarah Palin mocked President Barack Obama as 'a charismatic guy with a Teleprompter' during a speech only to be photographed with crib notes written on the palm of her hand.

Freddie Mercury|A Vocal Phenomenon [1977]