Saturday, June 21, 2008

and on the eve of Gay Pride...

Walgreens celebrates Black History Month...

This Day in History

Down Under Birthday Beauty

I can't recall the photographer, but I'm thinking it WASN'T Annie, and might have been Matthew Rolston. Probably the most beautiful photograph of Nicole Kidman ever taken.

Then again, it's tough to take a bad shot of someone so gorgeous.

Happy Birthday, beautiful!

I promise I'll get a life.
AFTER this posting...

When Worlds Collide v William Eggleston

One more.

This one's just too funny to pass up.
Needless to say, a trip over to boners is wickedly funny.
And the best part?
Mostly, it's about having a camera at the right moment.
Yeah, some stupid "big boner" pictures,
but this site's guaranteed to lift your spirits.
Or it's guaranteed to have you lifting your spirits...


For mom.
With love.

Hmmmmm. Sushi!!!!


The Longest Day of the Year

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Heineken to sponsor upcoming
Queen+PR tour?
Leaked RS ad!

This "Heineken ad" was intercepted on its way from Heineken's corporate ad department on its way to Rolling Stone magazine for a surprise centerspread announcing Heineken's sponsorship of the upcoming Queen + Paul Rodgers 2008 European tour. The ad was also due to drop digitally before the end of Heineken's fiscal year.

When contacted, VĂ©ronique Schyns, Senior press officer for Heineken, had no comment.

There has been neither confirmation nor denial from the Queen + Paul Rodgers camp.

And they call this "free speech?"
NOT safe for work (lower volume)

Origins|The Fist Bump
Barack and Michelle

Gee, you'd THINK someone would have noticed this parallel.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Playlist: Sharleen Spiteri & TEXAS PARIS 2001

Well, it's TEXAS PARIS 2001 (LIVE).
Notoriously hard to find in the apppointed Region 0 or 1, and in NTSC,
if you dig in shallow graves, you can have it to your doorstep
within ten days for under $10.


Brand new.

Sunday, June 15, 2008