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Is it Happening?

Dario Argento's MOTHER OF TEARS

Ladies and Gentlemen
Slave. To the Rhythm

Slave to the Rhythm

The Coolest Accordianist....EVAH!

Grace Jones La vie en rose

Birthday Brooke!

Birthday Brooke!

Is it happening? –|Freddie Mercury, Wembley

Texas Paris 2001 v Korea

Aural Sex
Deep Throat 1991 – 2008

Hey Colin?
Wanna dance?

Black Irish Birthday Stud!

On a scale of 1 – 10,
this dude's a serious 110!
Skanky porn movie with the hooker notwithstanding.

"I got my breakfast, lunch, and dinner right here."
If you saw the clip, you'd know the quote!

And I'm not about to post porn clips here.
We DO have standards...

Friday, May 30, 2008

The Unhealthiest Drink in America

from Yahoo!

The Unhealthiest Drink in America
Baskin Robbin’s Large Heath Bar Shake (32 oz)
2,310 calories
266 g sugar
108 g fat (64 g saturated)

Let's look at America's Worst Drink in numbers:

73: The number of ingredients that go into this milkshake.
66: The number of teaspoons of sugar this drink contains.
11: The number of Heath Bars you would have to eat to equal the number of calories found in one Baskin Robbins Large Heath Bar Shake.
8-12: The average number of minutes it takes to consume this drink.
240: The number of minutes you’d need to spend on a treadmill burning it off, running at a moderate pace.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Harvey Korman dead @ 81!

Harvey played the perfect foil to the end.
Losing his composure every now and then was part of his charm...

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Monitor, found

This Day in History

1st all color talking picture "On With the Show" exhibited (New York City)

b. 1934 x 7

The Birthday Girl Living Strong...

Dear Mr Secretary, US Dept of Defense

March 19,2008

The Honorable Robert M. Gates
U.S. Department of Defense
1000 Defense Pentagon
Washington, DC 20301

Dear Mr. Secretary:

As part of the Oversight Committee's ongoing oversight of Iraq contract management, I am writing to request documents relating to the Department of Defense's management of contracts for maintenance of electrical systems in facilities occupied by military and contractor personnel in Iraq. This issue was brought to my attention by Representative Jason Altmire, who requested that the Committee initiate an investigation into the death by accidental electrocution of Staff Sergeant Ryan D. Maseth, a Special Forces soldier from Pennsylvania.

According to the Army and Marine Corps, at least 12 service members have died in Iraq as a result of electrocution since 2003. In fact, in October 2004, the Army issued a safety publication noting that five soldiers died from electrocution in 2004 alone and warning that improper grounding of electrical wires is "a factor in nearly every electrocution" and "a serious threat" for soldiers in Iraq.

On January 2, 2008, Staff Sergeant Ryan Maseth was electrocuted while taking a shower in his living quarters in the Radwaniyah Palace Complex in Baghdad. According to a memorandum issued by the Army Criminal Investigative Division, Staff Sergeant Maseth's death was due to improper grounding of the electric water pump which supplied water to the building's pipes. When Staff Sergeant Maseth stepped into the shower and turned on the water, an electrical short in the pump sent an electrical current through the water pipes to the metal shower hose, and then through Staff Sergeant Maseth's arm to his heart.

The Committee has also been informed that the Defense Contract Management Agency (DCMA) contracted with KBR Inc. in 2007 to perform maintenance of the building and that KBR may have submitted reports documenting safety hazards relating to the improper grounding of electrical devices. It remains unclear whether KBR was responsible for repairing these deficiencies.

Given the history of electrocutions in Iraq, I request that you provide copies of the following documents to the Committee in unredacted form:
(1) All documents, including incident reports, investigative reports, forensic reports, psychological reports, witness statements, and correspondence, relating to the circumstances of Staff Sergeant Maseth's death;

(2) All contracts, along with task orders, amendments, modifications, and revisions thereto, issued to KBR for the maintenance or repair of electrical systems at Camps Slayer and Victory;

(3) All technical reports submiued by KBR to DCMA identifying electrical deficiencies, including the need for rewiring, in facilities maintained by KBR;

(4) All reports and communications regarding improper electrical grounding in facilities in Iraq used by U.S. military or contractor personnel or maintained under contracts with the U.S. Government; and

(5) The name, rank, current or last known address, and severity of injury for all U.S. military or contractor personnel injured or killed as a result of electrocution in facilities in Iraq maintained under contracts with the U.S. Government.

Please provide these documents by April 4, 2008.

The Committee on Oversight and Govemment Reform is the principal oversight committee in the House of Representatives and has broad oversight jurisdiction as set forth in House Rule X. An attachment to this letter provides additional information on how to respond to the Committee's request.

If you have any questions, please contact Theodore Chuang or Margaret Daum of the Committee staff at (202)225-5420.


This report, from CNN, needs to be read in its entirety.
Not last Saturday, several friends and I were discussing this very issue, lamenting THEN how tragic the whole scenario was. Little did we know...

Green Beret electrocuted in shower on Iraq base
By Abbie Boudreau and Scott Bronstein
CNN Special Investigations Unit

PITTSBURGH, Pennsylvania (CNN) -- A highly decorated Green Beret, Staff Sgt. Ryan Maseth died a painful death in Iraq this year. He died not on the battlefield. He died in what should have been one of the safest spots in Iraq: on a U.S. base, in his bathroom.

The water pump was not properly grounded, and when he turned on the shower, a jolt of electricity shot through his body and electrocuted him January 2.

The next day, Cheryl Harris was informed of his death. A mother of three sons serving in Iraq, she had feared such news might come one day.

"I did ask exactly, 'How did Ryan die? What happened to him?' And he had told me that Ryan was electrocuted," she said.

Her reaction was disbelief. "I truly couldn't believe he would be electrocuted ... in the shower," she said.

Maseth, 24, was not the first. At least 12 U.S. troops have been electrocuted in Iraq since the start of the war in 2003, according to military and government officials. Watch mom describe horror, heartbreak over son's electrocution »

In fact, the Army issued a bulletin in 2004 warning that electrocution was "growing at an alarming rate." It said five soldiers died that year by electrocution, with improper grounding the likely culprit in each case.

The Army bulletin detailed one soldier's death in a shower -- eerily similar to Maseth's case -- that said he was found "lying on a shower room floor with burn marks on his body."

Maseth's mother says the Army was not immediately forthcoming with details about her son's death.

At one point, she says, the Army told her he had a small appliance with him in the shower on his base, a former palace complex near the Baghdad airport.

"It just created so much doubt, and I know Ryan, I know Ryan, I know how he was trained, I know that he would not have been in a shower with a small appliance and electrocuted himself," she said. Watch "I can't make sense around Ryan's death" »

The Army refused to answer CNN's questions about the case, citing pending litigation by Maseth's family.

Maseth's mother says she pressed the military for answers, eventually uncovering more details about her son's electrocution. The surging current left burn marks across his body, even singeing his hair. Army reports show that he probably suffered a long, painful death.

Fellow soldiers had to break down the door to help, said Patrick Cavanaugh, an attorney for Maseth's parents.

"When they kicked down the door, they smelled burning hair, and they rushed over, saw Sgt. Maseth lying there unconscious, and one of the rescuers himself was shocked electrically and sustained a fairly good jolt because the water and the pipes were still electrified," Cavanaugh said.

Army documents obtained by CNN show that U.S.-paid contractor Kellogg, Brown and Root (KBR) inspected the building and found serious electrical problems a full 11 months before Maseth was electrocuted.

KBR noted "several safety issues concerning the improper grounding of electrical devices." But KBR's contract did not cover "fixing potential hazards." It covered repairing items only after they broke down.

Only after Maseth died did the Army issue an emergency order for KBR to finally fix the electrical problems, and that order was carried out soon thereafter.

In an internal e-mail obtained by CNN, a Navy captain admits that the Army should have known "the extent of the severity of the electrical problems." The e-mail then says the reason the Army did not know was because KBR's inspections were never reviewed by a "qualified government employee."

Larraine McGee is the mother of Sgt. Christopher Everett, another soldier electrocuted in Iraq.

"The impression I got was that this was the first time that it had happened," McGee said.

Her son was cleaning a Humvee on his Iraqi base with a power washer that was not properly grounded in 2005.

"I thought Chris was the first and that because of that, they were going to correct the problem, and it wasn't going to happen again," she said.

When she learned of Maseth's electrocution, she was stunned.

"It makes me very angry, because there is no reason for this to be going on," said McGee.

The electrocution of soldiers is prompting anger in Washington.

"How did this happen?" asked Rep. Henry Waxman, chairman of the House Oversight Committee.

Waxman has called for an investigation. "Why wasn't it corrected when we had the first signs that people were dying from electrocutions?"

In a statement to CNN, the U.S. Department of Defense said it "considers this to be a serious issue and has referred it to the DoD Inspector General's office for action."

The Defense Department said that there are nearly 40,000 structures and housing units in the Iraqi theater and that "we believe there was adequate oversight of the KBR contractors."

"In the past 12 months, KBR performed over 2 million service or work order repairs across the theater," the Defense Department said.

It went on to say that the Pentagon has "no information" that personnel with Defense Contract Management Agency, which handles the KBR contract, was aware of the 2004 Army bulletin or that they "failed to take appropriate action in response to unsafe conditions brought to our attention."

The Defense Department inspector general's office said it could not comment on the new investigation at this time.

KBR declined a CNN interview, but in an e-mail the company said it found "no evidence of a link between the work it has been tasked to perform and the reported electrocutions."

The Defense Contract Management Agency declined to answer CNN's questions.

Harris says she will continue to fight to make sure other soldiers don't die similar deaths.

"I'm not going to sit around quietly," she said. "I want the answers surrounding Ryan's death -- the accountability. And even further, I want to make sure that our troops are taken care of that are left on the ground ... [so] they don't have to wake up and worry about taking a shower and electrocution."

My black-eyed boy!
How could you NOT love Shar's energy!

Because you were home...

Queen at The Palace...for $206.85

If you are really smart, you can shop some of the local head shops or record collectors' shops...and find this EXACT SAME "POSTER" for about $5.
Heavily reproduced throughout the years, you can also find it in Hartford and New Haven.

And's not a vintage print.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008


I know how strong that I appear
but you don't know the days...

There's always a knife...

looking for the back.

The Mayor of Orange

Mayor of Orange Resigns and Pleads Guilty to Extortion

Published: May 28, 2008
NEWARK — A prominent New Jersey Democrat who had served simultaneously as the mayor of Orange and a state assemblyman pleaded guilty in federal district court Tuesday to one count of attempted extortion.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Because you were home.

This Day in Photo History

Dorothea Lange

you don't know the days...

sweet thing
I know how strong that I appear
but you don't know the days
since someone loved me

my heart tells strangers how I feel
and it's hard not to feel this way

when you thought your future
was on prescription

You may wish you could turn back time.

So take that picture, stop acting so dumb
Don't you know that the moment will come

Because these days it's the money the money
The money, honey, or your life
I said don't you know you can't have both

You may want to strip again
You may want to let me in
You may want to sacrifice
More than you think is fair or right

You may want to think again
You may want to watch your friends
You may want to change your mind
You may wish you could turn back time.

Aural Sex
Deep Throat
Ministry of Sound Anthems 1991 – 2008

Disc: 1
1. Show Me Love - Robin S
2. Passion - Gat Decor
3. Make The World Go Round - Sandy B
4. Nakasaki (I Need A Lover Tonight) - Ken Doh
5. Break Of Dawn - Rhythm On The Loose
6. Alex Party (Saturday Night Party) - Alex Party
7. Two Can Play That Game - Brown, Bobby (1)
8. Push The Feeling On - Nightcrawlers (1)
9. Where Love Lies - Limerick, Alison
10. Hideaway - De'Lacy
11. One Night In Heaven - M People
12. U Sure Do - Strike (3)
13. Keep Warm - Jinny
14. I Believe - Happy Clappers
15. I Luv U Baby - Original
16. Key The Secret - Urban Cookie Collective
17. Don't You Want Me - Felix
18. Plastic Dreams - Jaydee (1)
19. Higher State Of Consciousness - Wink, Josh
20. Ebeneezer Goode - Shamen (1)
21. Everybody In The Place - Prodigy (1)

Disc: 2
1. You Don't Know Me - Van Helden, Armand & Duane Harden
2. Trouble With Me - Black Legend
3. So In Love With You - Duke (3)
4. Bomb - Gonzalez, Kenny 'Dope' & The Bucketheads
5. Everybody Be Somebody - Ruffneck & Yavahn
6. Who Keeps Changing Your Mind - South Street Player
7. Spin Spin Sugar - Sneaker Pimps
8. Rip Groove - Double 99
9. Dreaming - Ruff Driverz & Arrola
10. It's Not Over Yet - Grace (2)
11. Greece 2000 - Three Drives
12. Salt Water - Chicane (2)
13. God Is A DJ - Faithless
14. Born Slippy - Underworld (1)
15. Kernkraft 400 - Zombie Nation
16. Time To Burn - Storm (4)
17. Sandstorm - Darude
18. Castles In The Sky - Ian Van Dahl
19. Silence - Delerium & Sarah McLachlan
20. Out Of The Blue - System F
21. 9pm (Til I Come) - ATB

Disc: 3
1. One More Time - Daft Punk
2. Needin' U - Morales, David & Face
3. Get Get Down - Johnson, Paul (3)
4. Sing It Back - Moloko
5. Another Chance - Sanchez, Roger
6. Praise You - Fatboy Slim
7. Red Alert - Basement Jaxx
8. Intro - Braxe, Alan & Fred Falke
9. Touch Me - Da Silva, Rui & Cassandra
10. Lovestory - Layo & Bushwacka
11. Lazy - X-Press 2 & David Byrne
12. At Night - Shakedown
13. Love Generation - Bob Sinclar & Gary 'Nesta' Pine
14. It Just Won't Do - Tim Deluxe
15. American Dream - Jakatta
16. Rapture - Iio
17. Put 'Em High - Stonebridge & Therese
18. Call On Me - Prydz, Eric
19. Loneliness - Tomcraft
20. Satisfaction - Benassi, Benny & The Biz
21. Put Your Hands Up For Detroit - Fedde Le Grand

Saint Philip Neri

Philip Neri prayed,
"Let me get through today,
and I shall not fear tomorrow."

The Martian Chronicles 2008

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Yeah. You.

Happy Birthday.

You know who you are.

Fast Love
George Michael

Baby, I ain't Mr Right....