Saturday, December 09, 2006


A sheen keen ivy tush.

* I swear on this one!

Haunting me. Suite 16.

I'm just an angel
Driving blindly
Through this world

You keep me waiting
For the promise
That is mine

Please stop debating
Please stop wasting
Your time

Haunting me. #15.
Hey you

If you want to see my sunrise
Well I don't mind
Your lips so full like life itself
Been in love for a while

You know that I just want to see you
Yeah I have for a time

Hey you
Do you feel alright?
Hey you
Come on, come on, come on, come on back to me

You want to spend the night together
Pull your body close
So masterthief embrace my heart
Now you decided to show
Come discover what you can't find
There's no need to think

Masterthief, indeed.


M is highly overlooked as a symbol for "thousand" courtesy of the Romans.
Just as WWW means World Wide Web, or WWI or WW2, or W, M is just as flexible,
and lends itself easily to the tongue and the eye.

M is already used as "ummmmmmmm", so wouldn't two Ms be "tu-ummmmmmmmm" meaning "early in the decade of the 2000s, the Tu-ums" (NOT TUMS, or R-O-L-A-I-D-S!)

[Bumper Sticker Draft]

Concept|spelling|execution|color palette ©2006

Countdown to 3,000

Fifteen "pending."

Friday, December 08, 2006

Haunting me. #14

I could never make a promise.
I'd only break it in the end.
(Oh, I'd say a prayer...)

Llamame. Por favor.
(It'll never happen.)

Satire|Robert Mapplethorpe

A tri-panel which started with Freddie.
I think my week started with Freddie,
at the urinal, and ANOTHER ONE BITES THE DUST.
Ahhhh. 1980.
I remember it, well, most if it, well.

After all, I have the photographs.

I can't remember if this is Elliott or Domenic.
They were Bob's friends from THE SAINT.
I remember how that butch, butch man
like a little girl...
Elliott + Domenic!
Those pigs.

Well, he was right about that!

Operation ELF|Connecticut

This holiday season, remember your local National Guard families...

Queen v The Miami Project
Another One Bites the Dust

1980's biggest hit, and Queen's greatest cross-over hit,
rocks the dance floor some 26 years later.

Enjoy the video here.

Until [pending notification]

And Candy Crowley (CNN) just said "this has been a bad week for the President."

And she wasn't in the least bit referring to the death toll rapidly closing in on 3,000 or the Immaculate Conception of Mary Cheney.

News which would, in a slow week, decimate the headlines.


Love + Death:
When it absolutely, positively
has to be there...

photo © Mary DiBiase Blaich for Newsday

A Brooklyn soldier on his second tour in Iraq died from a roadside bomb on the same day that his fiancee received his engagement ring in the mail, relatives said Thursday.

Sgt. Yevgeniy Ryndych, 24, died Dec. 6 in Ar Ramadi, Iraq, from injuries suffered when a roadside bomb exploded near his patrol, the Pentagon said Thursday. Further details were not available Thursday night.

Newsday report here.

I'm really speechless.
Especially in light of the "Iraq Study Group" report.
Don't you study BEFORE a test?
Let alone a life-ending war?

Put this under your White House Christmas tree, W.
With a white velvet bow, stained with crimson red blood.

On Target > In a tight spot!

Personal Daily Horoscope
Thursday, 7 December 2006
born 4 May 1960
©Astrodienst AG

Jupiter Square Pluto
5 December 2006 to 15 December 2006
In a tight spot

Valid during several days: This influence can have the effect of arousing your ambition to achieve great things. You feel as if your energies could carry you higher and farther than usual, and you are willing to strive for power and success. But your efforts may run into considerable resistance from others, especially if you are not completely scrupulous about your methods. This time can bring you success and social standing, but it also can deprive you of these. Instead of gaining power, you may simply provoke conflict with those who are in power, sometimes quite innocently. You may have no intention of challenging anyone, yet you find yourself in a tight spot with the authorities.

Another manifestation of this energy is that you may become involved with a project to repair or rebuild something. It might be physical property, a neighborhood or a more abstract matter, such as reorganizing or reforming a government, business or other institution. Your aim is to improve, but here again you may encounter opposition from people who do not agree with your ideas or who feel threatened by your actions.

You must avoid becoming obsessed with any plan or course of action, and be particularly ready to reexamine your ideas of right or wrong in any matter. Stand up for what you believe is right, but first make sure that you are right. This influence sometimes can make you feel convinced of a point of view that is actually shaky. You should look at religious, philosophical or metaphysical views very closely. If you wish to lead others to enlightenment, first make very certain of the quality of your own.

In some cases this influence can lead to legal conflicts, and you should be very sure that any legal matter you are involved in is strictly legitimate. Avoid underworld or shady persons in any matter.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Controversy|George Michael

If George can poke fun at himself in this extreme manner,
take a closer look to see the real message behind this inspired video.

Pearl Harbor|65 Years Later

The Japanese air attack on Pearl Harbor and on the airfields of Oahu began at 0755 on December 7, 1941 and ended shortly before 1000. Quickly recovering from the initial shock of surprise, the Americans fought back vigorously with antiaircraft fire. Devastation of the airfields was so quick and thorough that only a few American planes were able to participate in the counterattack. The Japanese were successful in accomplishing their principal mission, which was to cripple the Pacific Fleet. They sunk three battleships, caused another to capsize, and severely damaged the other four.

All together the Japanese sank or severely damaged 18 ships, including the 8 battleships, three light cruisers, and three destroyers. On the airfields the Japanese destroyed 161 American planes (Army 74, Navy 87) and seriously damaged 102 (Army 71, Navy 31).
The Navy and Marine Corps suffered a total of 2,896 casualties of which 2,117 were deaths (Navy 2,008, Marines 109) and 779 wounded (Navy 710, Marines 69). The Army (as of midnight, 10 December) lost 228 killed or died of wounds, 113 seriously wounded and 346 slightly wounded. In addition, at least 57 civilians were killed and nearly as many seriously injured.

Losing about an average of the total 9|11 victims + the US Iraq KIA deaths (to date; 3,000 and closing fast, George + Dick!) IN ONE SMALL BLOCK OF TIME in today's world?

We don't have to imagine.

It's happening.

war (huh)
what is it good for?
Absolutely nothing.
[Say it again...]

Edwin Starr.
Frankie Goes to Hollywood.
Bruce Springsteen.

Seems I've heard it all before...

Iraq Study Group
The Report

Download the .pdf here.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006


Mary Cheney is pregnant...

and 2,918 (Larry King) – 2,920 (Lou Dobbs) of YOUR KIDS are dead in Iraq.

20,000+ injured.


I wanna see how AC|360º handles Jesus.
You know.
Mary's baby. Immaculate Conception.
Who's Joseph?

I've had it.
Mixed messages everywhere.
And people say I'M crazy...

It's NOT just "only a movie, only a movie..."

Haunting me. #13. [word usage] LIE

Things could be so different now
It used to be so civilized
You will always wonder how
It could have been if you'd only lied
It's too late to change events
It's time to face the consequence...


I believe
you told me
a promise laced with lies

Cast your vote now.
Operators standing by.

How much blood would you shed?
[There was so little left to give.]

The Battle
DM v Astro-dot-com

(commence air-raid siren)

DM|Goodnight Lovers

Here, somewhere in the heart of me
There is still a part of me
That cares
And I'll, I'll still take the best you've got
Even though I'm sure it's not
The best for me
I, I can see the danger signs
They only help to underline
Your beauty
I'm not looking for an easy ride
True happiness cannot be tried
So easily

You can take your time
I'll be waiting in line
You don't even have to give me
The time of day

Like all soul sisters
And soul brothers
Neptune opposition Moon: Strange moods
End of March 2006 until end of January 2008:
You can be deceived by your feelings under this influence. For example, you may idealize someone out of all proportion to the truth and insist that what you see in that person is really so because your intuition tells you it is. But you are likely to be disappointed if you do this.
Be especially careful in love affairs, which are often subject to overidealizing anyway. Also watch out for a tendency to saddle yourself with "stray dogs," that is, forlorn and woebegone people who appeal to your compassion. If you can really be of assistance to them, fine. But first make sure you can. Your efforts may be wasted on people who do not really want to change at all.

Roll video.

Iraq Study Group
Alternatives = 79


79 alternatives + 1 pregnant vice-daughter = 80.

Don't tell me I don't know how to do the math.

Iraq Study Group
Body Count = 2,920 KIA

forgot to mention today's body count:


80 to go, and Mary Cheney's preggers.

What's not fucked about Dick + The Bush?

Yearbook|One Year Ago [tonight]

It was LIVE! at Madison Square Garden.
Not Milan.


The report was generated for 6 months starting from December 2006 with the following birth data:
born on 4 May 1960
9:46 am
Waterbury, Connecticut.

Neptune opposition Moon: Strange moods
End of March 2006 until end of January 2008:
This influence produces strange moods and obsessions that can make your life quite difficult if you take them at face value or too seriously. Your perception of the world is not terribly acute at this time, and you tend to see things as you want to see them rather than as they are. Psychic and spiritual studies and teachings, which usually are quite valuable, should be taken up with extreme care at this time because you may misunderstand or misuse them. Often this influence denotes that you are weary of the world as it is and want to escape from it. Spiritual teachings can be used as an excuse for escape, but that is not their most constructive use by any means. The world is here so you can learn to handle it, not so you can avoid it. You can only disguise it, which makes it much more damaging to you.

You can be deceived by your feelings under this influence. For example, you may idealize someone out of all proportion to the truth and insist that what you see in that person is really so because your intuition tells you it is. But you are likely to be disappointed if you do this. Be especially careful in love affairs, which are often subject to overidealizing anyway. Also watch out for a tendency to saddle yourself with "stray dogs," that is, forlorn and woebegone people who appeal to your compassion. If you can really be of assistance to them, fine. But first make sure you can. Your efforts may be wasted on people who do not really want to change at all.

Events in your personal and domestic life may become very unclear at this time. Keep your home life as neat and orderly as possible, for any serious problems there could undermine your self-confidence and make you more fearful in dealing with the world. You may have a problem with female relatives or friends during this influence.

Uranus sextile Sun: Who you are
Mid April 2006 until end of December 2007:
The effects of this influence are not always spectacular, but if you watch carefully, you will notice that there are all kinds of new and stimulating happenings in your life. It is not running along in the usual manner. But the changes and the unexpected events are not especially disturbing to you. Instead they open up new understandings and opportunities and give you a feeling that life still has some excitement and potential for growth.

Opportunities may come about through friends, or they may simply pop up in some other area of your everyday environment. You may become involved with a new group of people who live in a way that you hadn't thought possible before. You may be attracted to new philosophies and new techniques for managing your life. This is one of the influences under which people begin to study astrology.

All of these events are expressing your desire for greater freedom of self-expression. During this time you have the opportunity to gain greater control over your life and to make it a better vehicle for what you want to do. Any relationship that begins under this influence will be an expression of this fact, and even old relationships will be changed so that they further your objectives. Opportunities for advancement in your work will come suddenly through relationships with your superiors.

All of this sounds like luck, but this influence actually is showing you that your life can be much more free and that your potentials are greater than you have realized. We all have a natural tendency to settle into comfortable ruts, which can be severely limiting. But the energy of this influence acts suddenly, so that you are forced to sit up and take notice. The purpose of this influence is to tell you who you are. It is not giving you anything you haven't earned.

Saturn conjunction Moon: Self-criticism
Beginning of September 2006 until mid June 2007:
During this time you will need to engage in deep introspection, self-examination and self-criticism. Quite possibly you will feel lonely and depressed. The way in which you handle this influence will have important consequences later for your physical and psychological well-being.

This is a good time for self-searching, so long as you are not judgmental. It doesn't matter whether you are good or bad according to your ideals. The real question is what you are. This influence can help you find out. If you proceed from this point of view, it can be a very constructive time, even though it may be experienced as painful.

During this time you may withdraw from others, have difficulty in relationships - especially with women - experience depression and feel quite inferior to life's demands. The best way to deal with this is not to take it all so seriously. Your perspective is warped, so that small matters seem too important. Do not make final decisions about your emotional life now. Wait until you can see more clearly what you have learned from this time.

If you have recently broken off a relationship it may be best to leave it that way. Do not make a real effort to put it back together until this time is over.

Jupiter trine Uranus: Split-second action
Mid February 2007 until end of October 2007:
This influence gives you a strong need to express yourself by doing something that is different from your normal routine. You need to experience a new kind of freedom in your life and to discover dimensions of living that you have not known before. This may take the form of a search for inner truth on the metaphysical or philosophical level, or it may take the more external form of a new activity in your life.

You are much more receptive to new ideas during this time, and you should be a bit careful about getting into something solely because it is a novelty. However, for the most part this desire for the new is constructive and will probably be quite good for you. This is an influence that prevents you in a positive way from getting into a rut.

Sometimes this influence can denote a sudden opportunity or a piece of good luck that seems to come completely out of the blue and take you by surprise. Often it is a sudden change or an event that gives you a new chance in some way. It could be a sudden windfall or promotion or even a sudden chance encounter that works out to your benefit. If such an event occurs, take advantage of it. This is one of the few times when you shouldn't stop to ponder carefully before acting. Such a decision often requires split- second action.

This is also one of the few influences that can be very lucky in gambling. But remember that it will have this effect only if you are reasonably fortunate in such matters anyway. If you are usually unlucky at gambling, this influence will probably not affect you positively.

This influence also enables you to grasp new ideas quickly. You can learn subjects faster now than at other times, and you see very quickly the patterns in anything. On occasion this influence can signify a fortunate discovery or invention.

Uranus trine Ascendant: Transient relationships
Mid March 2007 until beginning of February 2008:
This is a time of increased freedom in and through your personal relationships. You are able to express yourself to others in ways that have never before been possible for you. This may take the form of a new interest or hobby or a new field of study. You may be attracted to technical and scientific subjects, as well as to occult studies such as astrology.

You respond much more quickly to people around you now and generally give the impression of being more alive and willing to challenge life, and you are. You may also seem somewhat impulsive and perhaps a bit nervous, but most people will not find you upsetting.

Sudden new contacts with others may provide opportunities to branch out and do things that you have never done before. You may have a chance to travel, for example, or to take up some completely new activity. Your old way of life no longer interests you, and if someone tries to convince you to keep to your old ways, you just get bored.

New relationships may begin now that challenge you creatively, but they may not last longer than this influence, so it is well not to make any permanent commitment until later. Even though the relationships may be transient, they will have a liberating effect upon you and increase your capacity to experience life. Often the other person will act as a "guru," that is, he or she will open up spiritual dimensions that you have never experienced before. However, do not expect this person to come in standard guru clothing. It could be anyone, and very often he or she will not look at all like the conventional notion of a spiritual teacher. Enlightenment takes as many forms as there are teachers and students.

Jupiter trine Moon: With little effort
Mid March 2007 until beginning of November 2007:
Usually you will feel very good with this influence, quite optimistic and generous. You will be concerned about the welfare of those around you and will want to protect the people you love. At this time you will attract favorable circumstances and resources with little effort, which will seem very pleasant now. But you should not expect this to keep on happening indefinitely. In particular, people may come after you to meet you for some reason, and these people could be quite beneficial to you in business or personal affairs. Regardless of your own sex, you may very well benefit from women during this time.

In some people this influence may stimulate an interest in religious and spiritual thought, but your views would be more strongly concerned with ethics and morality than with a more mystical approach to religion.

At the very least you can expect to feel quite good at this time, and even if nothing tremendous comes out of it, you will have a feeling of satisfaction and of being at peace with yourself.

Ran with scissors.

From A to Z and back again.
And saw myself reflected in the brilliance of the cover art.
Odd, the timing.
Matt's photo on the book cover
the very month I started.

I remember "Mgmt?" scrawled on the app.

Patronize these guys?

You'll choke on this banner I found!

A Picture's Worth.
Found on the 'Net.

[Insert your own comment!]

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Still. WAY too funky...

I'm a slut for this vid.
The extended remix really rocks!
IF you can find it...

If you haven't, you need to.

To your soul...
to your soul.
To your soul.

Cry, boy, cry.

Cosmic WTF! Moment

Anderson Cooper says "RELAX!"

Actually, strike that "Feed the World" reference below.
I smell an "Anderson Cooper|Keepin' em Honest" remix.

But, at what price honest?

Voyeur|Two Tribes
[Frankie Goes to Hollywood]

Fuckin' A-brilliant!
As important as Bronski Beat's SMALLTOWN BOY.

I smell guest-artist "Feed the World" coming on...

MOOD SWING's got this one all covered.
Thanks to KY for the ears.

OUCH! Yes, Sir!

Personal Daily Horoscope
Tuesday, 5 December 2006
born 4 May 1960
©Astrodienst AG
Sun in the 6th House
Activity period from 3 December 2006 – beginning of January 2007.
Tasks and work
Valid during several weeks:
The only problem you may have to contend with at this time is that you will probably not be on top of the heap. That is, you will probably have to work according to someone else's wishes or needs. But because of this, you can find out whether you can lower your ego drives when the situation requires it. If you cannot you are likely to encounter quite a bit of discomfort and conflict at this time. This is the house of service, and you cannot spend all your efforts getting your own way now. Even if you are your own boss, your actions will be dictated by someone else's needs, such as a client's or a customer's. Or your sense of obligation may be internal. Nevertheless, you can derive quite a bit of satisfaction from doing things well, and that will mean more to you now than any other kind of satisfaction.

Michelangelo's Quarry

They came expecting the rock.
They just weren't prepared for the hard place.


New! on PodCasts!

If you had the whole crü on board,
this is what the three of us would sound like:

3M Co.

Freddie Mercury's Mustache

from Sunday's New York Times:
Smack in the middle of the fall contemporary auction week, this is a prime moment for parties and networking, but the opening is attended by only a sparse gathering of middle-aged aficionados and gallery assistants with throwback-to-the-’70s mustaches.

Audio Hijack|New Year's Eve
@ The Saint 1983|4

Wander over to Rogue Amoeba and their angry, gun-toting snowman, grab yourself the software, then wander over to THE RADIO @ The Saint and snag yourself a killer, classic and timely set!

Orwellian, indeed!

1000 Beautiful Things
All 9

So you know it's gonna be one of those days when yours starts at the urinal at the gym, while you're fiddling with the iPod trying to figure out what playlist to start your day with...

and just when you go to put the earbud in ANOTHER ONE BITES THE DUST starts its thumping.

Not out of sync to run into Freddie at the urinal in a gym locker room.
After all, he prided himself on standing in line to get into THE SAINT.

Monday, December 04, 2006

Surfing Reality Check ed. I

Myteriously, nothing was said about the article on the club which was in The New York Times. I smell an event chart.

WTF! Neighbors|The Girls Next Door on E!

Channel 44|CNN [Heroes]
Channel 43|E! [Zeros]

You do the math.

How 'bout the "Don't Ask|Don't Tell" version with, oh, Anderson?

Diane Arbus tv.

Under 100 until MMM.

Tragic. Fucking tragic.

I wonder how many more "memos" need to be leaked?

Michelangelo's Quarry

They both came for the rock.
They weren't prepared for the hard place.


Why Photoshop® Matters

original image ©Rick Loomis|LATimes

Defining Photograph|Iraq

©Rick Loomis|LATimes

Streaming|PSB LCQ Remix 2006]

sooner or later
this happens to everyone
to everyone

you can live your life lonely
say this is all you want
but I don't believe that it's true
'cuz when you least expect it
waiting 'round the corner for you...

1000 Beautiful Things|Crazy Ate

Topping a pumpkin.
Keeping the stem.
Making a wish.

And leaving the rest out in the sandbox on the wall
for the squirrels.

1000 Beautiful Things|
Lucky #7

10 Sept 2005

did you get what you want?
do you know what it is?

1000 Beautiful Things|#6
The English Language

They're so flamboyant.

i said a hip hop the hippie the hippie
to the hip hip hop, a you dont stop
the rock it to the bang bang boogie say up jumped the boogie
to the rhythm of the boogie, the beat

now what you hear is not a test--i'm rappin to the beat
and me, the groove, and my friends are gonna try to move your feet
see i am wonder mike and i like to say hello
to the black, to the white, the red, and the brown, the purple and yellow
but first i gotta bang bang the boogie to the boogie
say up jump the boogie to the bang bang boogie
let's rock, you dont stop
rock the riddle that will make your body rock
well so far youve heard my voice but i brought two friends along
and next on the mike is my man hank
come on, hank, sing that song

check it out, i'm the c-a-s-an-the-o-v-a
and the rest is f-l-y
ya see i go by the code of the doctor of the mix
and these reasons i'll tell ya why
ya see i'm six foot one and i'm tons of fun
and i dress to a t
ya see i got more clothes than muhammad ali and i dress so viciously
i got bodyguards, i got two big cars
that definitely aint the wack
i got a lincoln continental and a sunroof cadillac
so after school, i take a dip in the pool
which really is on the wall
i got a color tv so i can see
the knicks play basketball
hear me talkin bout checkbooks, credit cards
more money than a sucker could ever spend
but i wouldnt give a sucker or a bum from the rucker
not a dime til i made it again
ya go hotel motel whatcha gonna do today (say what)
ya say im gonna get a fly girl gonna get some spankin
drive off in a def oj
everybody go, hotel motel holiday inn
say if your girl starts actin up, then you take her friend
master gee, am I mellow
its on you so what you gonna do

well it's on n on n on on n on
the beat dont stop until the break of dawn
i said m-a-s, t-e-r, a g with a double e
i said i go by the unforgettable name
of the man they call the master gee
well, my name is known all over the world
by all the foxy ladies and the pretty girls
i'm goin down in history
as the baddest rapper there could ever be
now i'm feelin the highs and ya feelin the lows
the beat starts gettin into your toes
ya start poppin ya fingers and stompin your feet
and movin your body while youre sittin in your seat
and the damn ya start doin the freak
i said damn, right outta your seat
then ya throw your hands high in the air
ya rockin to the rhythm, shake your derriere
ya rockin to the beat without a care
with the sureshot m.c.s for the affair
now, im not as tall as the rest of the gang
but i rap to the beat just the same
i dot a little face and a pair of brown eyes
all im here to do ladies is hypnotize
singin on n n on n on n on
the beat dont stop until the break of dawn
singin on n n on n on on n on
like a hot buttered a pop da pop da pop dibbie dibbie
pop da pop pop ya dont dare stop
come alive yall gimme what ya got
i guess by now you can take a hunch
and find that i am the baby of the bunch
'but that's okay i still keep in stride
cause all i'm here to do is just wiggle your behind
singin on n n on n on n on
the beat dont stop until the break of dawn
singin on n n on n on on n on
rock rock yall throw it on the floor
im gonna freak ya here im gonna feak ya there
im gonna move you outta this atmosphere
cause im one of a kind and ill shock your mind
ill put t-t-tickets in your behind
i said 1-2-3-4, come on girls get on the floor
a-come alive, yall a-gimme what ya got
cause im guaranteed to make you rock
i said 1-2-3-4 tell me wonder mike what are you waitin for?
i said a hip hop the hippie to the hippie
the hip hip hop, a you dont stop
the rock it to the bang bang boogie say up jumped the boogie
to the rhythm of the boogie, the beat
skiddlee beebop a we rock a scoobie doo
and guess what america we love you
cause ya rock and ya roll with so much soul
you could rock till you're a hundred and one years old
i dont mean to brag i dont mean to boast
but we like hot butter on our breakfast toast
rock it up baby bubbah
baby bubbah to the boogie da bang bang da boogie
to the beat beat, its so unique
come on everybody and dance to the beat

i said a hip hop the hippie the hippie
to the hip hip hop, a you dont stop
rock it out baby bubbah to the boogie da bang bang
the boogie to the boogie da beat

i said i cant wait til the end of the week
when im rappin to the rhythm of a groovy beat
and attempt to raise your body heat
just blow your mind so that you cant speak
and do a thing but a rock and shuffle your feet
and let it change up to a dance called the freak
and when ya finally do come in to your rhythmic beat
rest a little while so ya dont get weak
i know a man named hank
he has more rhymes than a serious bank
so come on hank sing that song
to the rhythm of the boogie da bang bang da bong

well, im imp the dimp the ladies pimp
the women fight for my delight
but im the grandmaster with the three mcs
that shock the house for the young ladies
and when you come inside, into the front
you do the freak, spank, and do the bump
and when the sucker mcs try to prove a point

we're treacherous trio, we're the serious joint
a from sun to sun and from day to day
i sit down and write a brand new rhyme
because they say that miracles never cease
i've created a devastating masterpiece
i'm gonna rock the mike til you cant resist
everybody, i say it goes like this
well i was comin home late one dark afternoon
a reporter stopped me for a interview
she said she's heard stories and she's heard fables
that i'm vicious on the mike and the turntables
this young reporter i did adore
so i rocked a vicious rhyme like i never did before
she said damn fly guy im in love with you
the casanova legend must have been true
i said by the way baby what's your name
said i go by the name of lois lane
and you could be my boyfiend you surely can
just let me quit my boyfriend called superman
i said he's a fairy i do suppoose
flyin through the air in pantyhose
he may be very sexy or even cute
but he looks like a sucker in a blue and red suit
i said you need a man who's got finesse
and his whole name across his chest
he may be able to fly all through the night
but can he rock a party til the early light
he cant satisfy you with his little worm
but i can bust you out with my super sperm
i go do it, i go do it, i go do it, do it , do it
an i'm here an i'm there i'm big bang hank, im everywhere
just throw your hands up in the air
and party hardy like you just dont care
let's do it dont stop yall a tick a tock yall you dont stop
go hotel motel what you gonna do today(say what)
im gonna get a fly girl gonna get some spank drive off in a def oj
everybody go hotel motel holiday inn
you say if your girl starts actin up then you take her friend
i say skip, dive, what can i say
i cant fit em all inside my oj
so i just take half and bust them out
i give the rest to master gee so he could shock the house
it was twelve o'clock one friday night
i was rockin to the beat and feelin all right
everybody was dancin on the floor
doin all the things they never did before
and then this fly fly girl with a sexy lean
she came into the bar, she came into the scene
as she traveled deeper inside the room
all the fellas checked out her white sasoons
she came up to the table, looked into my eyes
then she turned around and shook her behind
so i said to myself, its time for me to release
my vicious rhyme i call my masterpiece
and now people in the house this is just for you
a little rap to make you boogaloo
now the group ya hear is called phase two
and let me tell ya somethin we're a helluva crew
once a week we're on the street
just a-cuttin' the jams and making it free
for you to party ya got to have the movies
so we'll get right down and give you the groove
for you to dance you gotta get hype
so we'll get right down for you tonight
now the system's on and the girls are there
ya definitely have a rockin affair
but let me tell ya somethin there's still one fact
that to have a party ya got to have a rap
so when the party's over you're makin it home
and tryin to sleep before the break of dawn
and while ya sleepin ya start to dream
and thinkin how ya danced on the disco scene
my name appears in your mind
yeah, a name you know that was right on time
it was phase two just a doin a do
rockin ya down cause ya know we could
to the rhythm of the beat that makes ya freak
come alive girls get on your feet
to the rhythm of the beat to the beat the beat
to the double beat beat that it makes ya freak
to the rhythm of the beat that says ya go on
on n on into the break of dawn
now i got a man comin on right now
he's guaranteed to throw down
he goes by the name of wonder mike
come on wonder mike do what ya like

like a can of beer that's sweeter than honey
like a millionaire that has no money
like a rainy day that is not wet
like a gamblin fiend that does not bet
like dracula with out his fangs
like the boogie to the boogie without the boogie bang
like collard greens that dont taste good
like a tree that's not made out of wood
like goin up and not comin down
is just like the beat without the sound no sound
to the beat beat, ya do the freak
everybody just rock and dance to the beat
have you ever went over a friends house to eat
and the food just aint no good
i mean the macaroni's soggy the peas are mushed
and the chicken tastes like wood
so you try to play it off like you think you can
by sayin that youre full
and then your friend says momma he's just being polite
he aint finished uh uh that's bull
so your heart starts pumpin and you think of a lie
and you say that you already ate
and your friend says man there's plenty of food
so you pile some more on your plate
while the stinky foods steamin your mind starts to dreamin
of the moment that it's time to leave
and then you look at your plate and your chickens slowly rottin
into something that looks like cheese
oh so you say that's it i got to leave this place
i dont care what these people think
im just sittin here makin myself nauseous
with this ugly food that stinks
so you bust out the door while its still closed
still sick from the food you ate
and then you run to the store for quick relief
from a bottle of kaopectate
and then you call your friend two weeks later
to see how he has been
and he says i understand about the food
baby bubbah but we're still friends
with a hip hop the hippie to the hippie
the hip hip a hop a you dont stop the rockin
to the bang bang boogie
say up jump the boogie to the rhythm of the boogie the beat
i say hank can ya rock
can ya rock to the rhythm that just dont stop
can ya hip me to the shoobie doo
i said come on
i go to the halls and then ring the bell
because i am the man with the clientele
and if ya ask me why i rock so well
a big bang, i got clientele
and from the time i was only six years old
i never forgot what i was told
it was the best advice that i ever had
it came from my wise dear old dad
he said sit down punk i wanna talk to you
and dont say a word until i'm through
now there's a time to laugh a time to cry
a time to live and a time to die
a time to break and a time to chill
to act civilized or act real ill
but whatever ya do in your lifetime
ya never let a mc steal your rhyme
so from sixty six til this very day
ill always remember what he had to say
so when the sucker mcs try to chump my style
i let them know that i'm versatile
i got style finesse and a little black book
that's filled with rhymes and i know you wanna look
but there's a thing that separates you from me
and that's called originality
because my rhymes are on from what you heard
i didnt even bite and not a god d--m word
and i say a little more later on tonight
so the sucker mc's can bite all night
a tick a tock yall a beat beat yall
a lets rock yall ya dont stop
ya go hotel motel whatcha gonna do today (say what)
ya say im gonna get a fly girl gonna get some spankin
drive off in a def oj
everybody go hotel motel holiday inn
ya say if your girl starts actin up then you take her friends
a like that yall to the beat yall
beat beat yall ya dont stop
a master gee am I mellow?
its on you so whatcha gonna do

well like johnny carson on the late show
a like frankie croker in stereo
well like the barkay's singin holy ghost
the sounds to throw down they're played the most

its like my man captain sky
whose name he earned with his super sperm
we rock and we dont stop
get off yall im here to give you whatcha got
to the beat that it makes you freak
and come alive girl get on your feet
a like a perry mason without a case
like farrah fawcett without her face

like the barkays on the mike
like gettin right down for you tonight
like movin your body so ya dont know how
right to the rhythm and throw down

like comin alive to the master gee
the brother who rocks so viciously
i said the age of one my life begun
at the age of two i was doin the do
at the age of three it was you and me
rockin to the sounds of the master gee
at the age of four i was on the floor
givin all the freaks what they bargained for
at the age of five i didnt take no jive
with the master gee its all the way live
at the age of six i was a pickin up sticks
rappin to the beat my stick was fixed
at the age of seven i was rockin in heaven dontcha know i went off
i got right on down to the beat you see
gettin right on down makin all the girls
just take of their clothes to the beat the beat
to the double beat beat that makes you freak
at the age of eight i was really great
cause every night you see i had a date
at the age of nine i was right on time
cause every night i had a party rhyme
goin on n n on n on on n on
the beat dont stop until the break of dawn
a sayin on n n on n on on n on...
like a hot buttered de pop de pop de pop
a saying on n n on n on on n on
cause i'm a helluva man when i'm on the mike
i am the definate feast delight
cause i'm a helluva man when i'm on the mike
i am the definate feast delight
come to the master gee you see
the brother who rocks so viciously

1000 Beautiful Things|#5 Morning Coffee

from Starbucks.
from two employees who greet me by name, and who know how I take my coffee.
with my grandmother. and cousin.
Mt. Olivet

after Ballys.

Haunting me. #15

Let me sleep
so I can dream of you
Let me sleep
so I can be with you...

Transit|Monday 4 Dec 06

Full Moon
Monday, 4 December 2006
born 4 May 1960
©Astrodienst AG
Advancing that notion
Valid during several weeks:
This is an excellent time for taking some action that depends on impressing someone with your ability and confidence. For example, it is a good time to ask for a raise, because you communicate positively and with confidence, which others will respect. Even if you don't choose to assert yourself, you will defend yourself and your views to anyone who criticizes you or tries to tear you down. The plans you make today will be much bolder and more innovative than usual. You are able to dare more and to take greater chances, not only with your words but also with your thoughts. Use this time to advance a notion that you have previously been shy about. In any kind of negotiations you will get right to the heart of the matter and settle it very quickly.

Mercury Trine Mars exact at 11:33
end of October 2006 until 5 December 2006

Haunting me. #14

Wherever I go I know I'll tell you
It's just another place we can go to
So get on board

You gave it all
Don't take it back
Been up all night just talking
The day is dawning
It's early morning

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Playlist|Stanley Kubrick

Haunting me. #13

Call me up and let's begin
Call me up and let's begin
You done that to me

Feel my breath go cold and calm
My pride is last and I sin again
And all the seasons change their scent
A year of hell they come against my head once more

25LIVE|Berlin [set list]

Imagine the Afterparty.
Too Funky Fastlove Outside, indeed!

Never really thought about it this way...

Now I know what to get Austen for Christmas.

I'll never think of that Tina Turner song in quite the same way...
Yeah. Color me vanilla.

The White Party|Playlist IX de X

It's a nice day for a WHITE CHRISTMAS!!!

Fibbs College|Part I

Things must get really interesting when your program director kinda says under his breath in the Faculty Lounge Kitchen if "you know where I can get some pot" and then says "oh, my brain must be talking out loud" to which I replied:

Yeah, and I'm scared my brain actually heard yours.

Stay tuned.

Madonna Confessions Tour|Sorry Intro

Pre-Confessions Tour|Sorry

AIDS|Light a virtual candle, raise $1

Light a candle...raise $1.

You rock, Bristol-Myers Squibb!
John + Jerry B, too!

In memory of:
Peter O.
Gary B.
Tommy D.
Bob B.
Bill W.
Vinnie S.
Joey M.
Joe M.
Michael W.
Billy S.
and way too many others...

too many.